This page is intended for the People and Talent team, to outline our current swag offerings and ordering processes.

New Hire Welcome Kits


Someone from the People team will be monitoring the swag inventory monthly. When any one-size item has a quantity of less than 50 and when any sized item has a quantity of less than 20, that teammate will follow the below steps to order additional swag. The turnaround time typically takes 3-4 weeks.

Note: We will not be ordering additional inventory from our current vendor because we are in the process of switching vendors and anticipate the new kits to be live in July or August 2022. If a teammate joins Sourcegraph prior to August 2022 and the current item(s) are not available in their preferred size, they can slack in #swag channel to request that we wait to order their kit until the new vendor is live.

How to view inventory

To view inventory of each of the items in the kit, you need to go to Inventory → Inventory levels → Kits and click on View for each item.

Within the item, you can scroll down and see the number of items in stock in the Inventory section.

How to order more inventory

COMING SOON - process will be added once we’re set up with our new vendor

How new hires order their welcome kits - Printfection

Kit types

We currently have two onboarding Kits: New Team Member Welcome Kit (Form-fit shirt) and New Team Member Welcome Kit (Unisex shirt). Each kit (called Campaigned in Printfection) contains:

  • Asterisk Sticker
  • Logo Sticker
  • Tumbler
  • Sourcegraph Hoodie
  • (Form-fitted or unisex) Star Logo t-shirt
  • Custom Notebook
  • Sourcegraph dress socks
  • Fuzzy Socks

swag kit

Email Template

After a new hire signs their contract with us, the People team will send an email that includes a link to both of the kit options. The new hire is responsible for selecting the kit they want and submitting an order to redeem their onboarding swag. When they submit their new hire welcome kit order, it will be fulfilled using inventory that we have in stock based on what was previously purchased by the People/Talent team.

Onboarding swag email template:


Great news, your swag is now ready to order! 🎉

Choose the type of t-shirt you want (you should choose one or the other). Just click on the link below, select the T shirt type you want (Form-fitted or Unisex/Men) and fill out all required fields to order your pack (we recommend ordering a size up for your hoodie if you want a looser fit):

Please choose between the Form-fitted style OR the Unisex/men style and only place one order total. Attached you can find the size charts for each.

Let me know if you have any questions! Best,

There will be a link included in the Email Template that is sent to new hires to order a New Hire Welcome Kit. The link will allow the new hire to select whether they want the Form-fitted shirt or the Unisex shirt. New hires will choose one or the other. It is important for teammates to choose only one and redeem it just once, as the link can be used multiple times. Please do not share the link publicly.

Once they select their shirt style, they need to follow these two simple steps:

  1. Choose the size for the Tshirt and hoodie size
  2. Enter shipping information (it can be international). Once they do that, they will get an email with delivery details. shipping


For each link that is redeemed, Sourcegraph pays the shipping costs. This recurring cost will vary depending on the amount of kits sent and the shipping destinations.

To see the cost of recent deliveries in the Printfection portal, click Campaigns → Giveaways to see the Recent Redemptions section. If you click on View Order, you can see the cost of delivery for each one. On average, we can estimate about $25 USD for US deliveries and $50 USD for international deliveries. delivery

Additional Swag

For any swag that is not on this list, we use a vendor named Telescope. In the event a teammate wants to order custom swag for other occasions, such as a team trip or celebration, they will fill out this google form to provide necessary information such as: the occasion, type of swag they want, delivery deadline, quantity, and countries for delivery.

Note: Unlike new hire kits, the budget for any additional swag is the responsibility of the team requesting the order - this must be confirmed prior to beginning the ordering process.

After the teammate has submitted the google form, the People team will start an email thread using the template below to connect the teammate with Telescope, who will facilitate the rest of the ordering process.

Custom Swag Email Template: Hi Telescope team,

I’d like you to meet [insert teammate’s name]. They would like to begin a custom swag order. Details are provided below. Please let [insert teammate’s name] know what other information you need to get started.


  • Type of swag (ex: hats, backpacks, etc.)
  • Custom design request(s)
  • Delivery deadline
  • Quantity
  • Countries you’ll be shipping to
  • Any other notes

Thank you!

[Your Name]