Manager accounts guide

As a manager you will have manager-specific permissions for several different accounts, which will allow you access to specific information about your direct reports in order to better support them. This page is intended to be a resource to help you navigate these different accounts, which hold important and sensitive information about your teams and guide you on how to notify team changes. In these accounts you will find information on your team’s compensation, compensation bands, impact reviews, birthdays, PTO history, and more.

It is also important to bring light to all the processes that are affected and we have to update when there is a change in the org chart. The goal is to help teammates, particularly managers, understand everything that happens behind the scenes and the importance of notifying People Ops with enough time. If you know there is a change in the org chart happening soon, please let People Ops know so we can prepare in advance. Go to the How to notify People Ops of an org and role change section for more information.

Should you have questions on any of these systems, you can post in #ask-people-team on Slack or reach out to the appropriate contact in our People Ops Communications Matrix.


BambooHR is the source of truth for all teammate data and information. As a manager, your permissions allow you to view information and run reports on fields like start dates, compensation, titles, birthdays, and anniversaries for your direct reports and skip-level reports.


Impact of org and role changes

When big changes occur we cannot do it in bulk, so it’s important for managers to share with us documents proactively, before the change is live so the changes are effective by the announcement date, otherwise we risk delays in the changes being reflected properly.

We must update BambooHR whenever there is a change in:

  • Title
  • Manager
  • Role
  • Team
  • Compensation (including cash, options and commission)
  • Type of contract (from US to non US or vice versa)

BambooHR is integrated with multiple systems (Lattice, Rippling, Okta). If BambooHR is not reflecting your changes, then it could affect your system impact reviews, feedback milestones, payroll, and systems permissions, to name a few. So any changes we make (or don’t make) here automatically affect all of these other systems.


Lattice is the system we use for formal feedback such as:

  • Onboarding feedback milestones, which are used to track your new direct reports’ onboarding progress on a monthly basis during their first three months.
  • 360 Impact reviews, which are automatically launched every six months following a teammate’s start date in order to complete a 360 impact review cycle.

Note: if you are a new manager and require access to past review history for your direct reports, please contact People Ops.


Impact of org and role changes

360 Impact Review Cycles

These are automatic, so they will be set to the current manager of the new teammate every 6 months after their start date. If there’s a change in the structure, it’s important to let People Ops know who the manager doing the feedback with the new teammate will be. This applies to redistributing (like changing managers) or when a new manager for the team is hired.

Onboarding Feedback Milestones

These are automatic, so they will be set to the current manager of the new teammate on their 30/60/90 days marks. If there’s a change in the structure, it’s important to let People Ops know who the person doing the feedback with the new teammate will be. This applies to redistributing (like changing managers) or when a new manager for the team is hired.

Process Street

Process Street is the system that hosts our onboarding and offboarding checklists and tasks. As a manager, you will be tagged in important tasks within these checklists to set your direct reports up for success, and it will be your responsibility to ensure all necessary tasks assigned to you are completed in a timely manner to ensure a smooth onboarding and offboarding.


Impact of org and role changes

Process Street allows users to use conditional logic—we hide or show content depending on a person’s responsibilities, title, role, and/or start date, so changes to any of these mean that Process Street needs to be updated. This allows new teammates to view their onboarding checklist properly, instead of missing their role-specific onboarding or being served the wrong type of onboarding checklist.

Managers assigned to teammates also need to be updated and sometimes even the content needs to be too.

PTO by Deel

PTO by Deel is our paid time off (PTO) management system that is hosted within Slack. It allows all teammates to notify their manager and delegate any tasks during their PTO to appropriate teammates directly via Slack’s interface. As a manager, you are able to pull reports on your team’s historical and upcoming PTO.

Please note: we do not use BambooHR’s PTO request system. If your direct report submits a PTO request via BambooHR, please hit “reject” and direct them to PTO by Deel to resubmit.


Navan is the platform we use for booking all company-sponsored travel and accommodations. As a manager, you will be able to view your team’s travel budget usage, review travel requests, and receive alerts for any out of policy bookings for your direct reports.


Assemble [WIP]

Assemble is the platform we use for storing compensation band information for every department and role we currently have. Assemble serves two main functions for managers:

  • Hiring: it stores the compensation data of each level for the role(s) you are hiring for.
  • Leveling and calibration: it’s integrated with BambooHR, so you are able to view your direct reports compensation against our current bands. It visualizes the compensation band data to easily identify discrepancies and trends.


Other tools that need to be updated when there is an org change (including managers, tiles, and more) are:

  • General tools - Tech Ops Teammates are added to tools, groups, and channels depending on their role. Whenever there’s a change in someone’s role, title or responsibilities, including renaming a team, updates must be done (groups and channels might change, including GitHub, Slack and Google Workspace). Tech Ops will need to update the matrix they use and talk to the Security team.
  • Rippling Rippling pulls salary data directly from BambooHR, which is why it’s especially crucial that compensation changes are communicated to People Ops in a timely manner so that all payroll changes can be handled with ample time to avoid payroll discrepancies.
  • Assemble
  • Airbase

Managing a Role Change

Please complete this form with the changes that are happening. This will notify People Ops. If you have any questions, please contact the People Team in #ask-people-team in Slack or send an email to Please note that if the change involves someone changing team or manager, the new manager is the one who should complete the form.

When to complete this form?

  • If someone in your team has a change in:

    • title
    • compensation
    • manager
    • becomes a manager
  • If someone in your team is changing to a different team

  • If you are planning to restructure your team or org

  • If someone in your team has a change in the type of contract (for example, if they are a US teammate and move internationally, they will need their contract to change)

  • If there is a structural change due to a manager taking parental leave

Additional Process for a Role Change

  • Update the reports_to field on the team page to reflect the change.