Internal PEO/EOR use - Deel

Deel is a privately-held payroll and compliance provider. We use Deel to hire international employees and contractors. We refer to Deel and similar providers as Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) or Employer of Record (EORs).

Resource for teammates:

Hiring someone on a PEO/EOR

Please read this document explaining the process for hiring someone on a PEO/EOR.

Requesting approval

If a new teammate requests to be hired via a PEO, and that teammate is not based in the UK, then the Finance team will review this request. The recruiter is responsible for requesting approval. Please follow the steps in Offer Process for PEO/EOR contracts to request approval.

Creating a contract in Deel

Once the contract has been approved, the recruiter will notify the People Ops team. You can read more about these steps here.

People Ops will then create a contract in Deel for the new teammate. Make sure you have access to the platform. You will need Support Specialist or Admin permissions in order to do this. If you don’t, please ask #it-tech-ops to grant you access.

Keep in mind that the process may last about a week. If the desired start date is sooner than that, the teammate might need to start on the following cohort date.

The first thing you need to do is request a quote from Deel. Once that is done, Deel will review it

Before creating the contract, you will need the following information from the new teammate:

  • Employee first and middle names
  • Employee last name
  • Employee personal email address
  • Employee nationality
  • The country employee will be working from
  • Does the employee need a work visa?
  • Level
  • Job title
  • Explanation of job scope (this is the same as the job description)
  • Compensation
  • Signing bonus (if applicable)
  • Commissions (if applicable)
  • Start date
  • Employment type (Full-time)

Requesting a quote in Deel

After getting approval, you need to go to your Deel dashboard, select Create a Contract from the navigation menu, and then select EOR Employee to open the contract window. You can follow the steps on how to create a contract and request a quote here.

In the section below, you will find the Sourcegraph standard practices for each section.


  • Employee first and middle names
  • Employee last name
  • Employee personal email address
  • Employee nationality
  • Country employee will be working from
  • Does the employee need a work visa?


  • Entity
    • Leave: Sourcegraph, Inc
  • Seniority level
    • Even though levels don’t align perfectly, we choose the one that fits the best. If you have any questions, ask Marija.
  • Job title
  • Explanation of job scope
    • Paste the job description here.


  • Currency
    • Local country of employment currency. Deel will auto-populate the correct one.
  • Gross annual base salary
  • This has to be in the local country of employment currency. Because Sourcegraph’s agreements are in US dollars, you will need to convert the base salary.

        The Sourcegraph Finance team is responsible for determining the FX rate that is used when team members transition to being paid by PEO, and consequently when they transition to being paid in their local currency as opposed to USD. This FX rate will be applied to base salary and bonuses/commission.
        To determine a fair and reasonable FX rate, and in order to ensure that all teammates are paid consistently, the Sourcegraph Finance team will review FX rates on an annual basis, and the FX rates that are determined at these intervals will be used for all pay adjustments, and all new hires, for the 12 months following this review.

Use the Suggested FX rates for the month shown at the appendix of this document (keep in mind that it should match the YTD Average value in FX workings table) to convert the gross annual base salary from USD to the local currency. Complete this field with that number.

      Example: if the gross annual base salary in USD is 10,000usd and the Suggested FX rate in Euros is USD/EUR: 1.000/0.9371, you must divide 10,000 by 0.9371. The result is €10,671.2. This is what you will input in this field.
  • Add signing bonus
    • Only when applicable. Use local currency. Refer to Gross annual base salary to see how to convert currency.
  • Add annual variable compensation
    • This refers to commissions, only complete when applicable. We always do _Flat rates. _Use local currency. Refer to Gross annual base salary to see how to convert currency.
  • Desired start date
    • This should be at least a week after creating the contract in Deel. If this person needs to start before that, please contact People Ops.
  • Employment type
    • Full-time
  • Work schedule
    • Type the minimum work hour week for that country
  • Time off
    • Standard
  • Paid vacation days
    • Keep minimum standard for that country. Sourcegraph will honour the unlimited PTO policy, however, for compliance reasons, we will follow the countries rules.
  • Contract term
    • Indefinite
  • Probation period
  • Number of probation days
    • Bring it to the minimum probation period stated for that country.


You must leave all these fields empty.

  • Deel Healthcare
  • Equipment Rental
  • Stock options offer
    • We use Carta as our default platform for equity.

Completing all of the required fields will send a quote request to Deel. Once you’ve requested a quote for a full-time employee, you’ll get a quote within 24 hours. After that, you’ll be able to review the quote to better understand the hiring costs associated with a full-time employee.

Finance will take care of the deposit payment and after that, Deel will send the agreement to the new teammate.

You can see the status of the contract in the Deel dashboard → Contracts.

Onboarding a new hire in Deel

Deel will take over the onboarding once the quote has been approved and the deposit payed. They will notify the teammate and request their signature. You can read about the onboarding task for the new teammate here.

Point of contact

The recruiter will let the teammate know that Deel will contact them.

The new teammate will be assigned a Deel Onboarding Specialist. They will ask the new teammate to create an profile in Deel and send over compliance documentation. All of this must be done before their start date, they won’t be able to start until this is done.

If there are any delays, Deel will notify us and propose a new start date.

If there are questions, the Onboarding Specialist will deal with them. The specialist will loop us in if there are any questions we need to follow up with.

The People Ops team has a Slack channel #success-deel-sourcegraph for any questions we might have.

Contract Amendments

For any change in the contract you’ll need to request an amendment. Go to the Deel dashboard → Contracts → click on teammate.

On the teammates profile, click on Contact details → Request an amendment. Use this article to understand when you’ll need an amendment and to go through the steps.


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