Internal RingCentral use

Setting up Ring Central

Designate a number

Go to Users > Users with Extensions > click Tech Ops Admin > expand User Details > edit Contact Phone

Steps to designate a number in Ring Central

Phone System Auto Receptionist

RingCentral Auto-Receptionist serves as a virtual receptionist service, greeting your callers and routing them directly to employees, departments, or any phone in the world.

To set up the Auto Receptionist you need to go to Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings > expand IVR Settings; this is where company call handling is set.

Currently set to 24hr business day so there’s no after hours settings. Business Hours > Incoming calls are routed to user extension - Tech Ops Admin, ext 101.

Setting Auto Receptionist

Call Handling rules

To set call handling rules for the Tech Ops, ext 101 user > from the same Users > Users with Extensions > click Tech Ops Admin > expand Call Handling

Work Hours 24hrs, 7days a week

  • There are 3 rings for incoming calls set
  • Always ring - my desktop (only used if someone is using the ext 101 user softphone)
  • Office Sourcegraph - 20 second ring mobile 1 ring/5 second, Jonathan Ayers’ number is currently here.

Setting call rules

Vendor management