When we ship swag and what is included

New Hire Welcome Kits

  • Hoodie
  • Socks
  • Stickers
  • Tumbler
  • T-shirt

Company Offsites

  • Varies for each offsite

New Hire Welcome Kits

Our People/Talent team uses a vendor named Printfection to fulfill our new hire welcome kit orders. The People team purchases inventory in bulk based on the anticipated hiring rate and monitors/reorders the inventory as needed.

What is in a welcome kit?

  • Hoodie
  • Socks
  • Stickers
  • Tumbler
  • T-Shirt

How to order a welcome kit

After the offer letter has been signed, the People team will email the new hire instructions to order their new hire welcome kit. The email will include a link to submit their order for a New Hire Welcome Kit and they’ll get to choose between the Form-fitted shirt and the Unisex shirt. It is important for teammates to choose only one and redeem it just once. Please do not share the link publicly.

Once the new hire selects the T-shirt type they want, the new hire will need to follow these two simple steps:

  1. Choose the size for the Tshirt and hoodie size

  2. Enter shipping information (the address can be US or non-US) shipping

Once these steps are completed, the new hire will get an email with delivery details and our vendor will ship the kit using the inventory our people/team has already purchased. New hires will not be responsible for any costs associated with their welcome kit. If there are any fees associated with customs, the new hire can expense the amount once they’ve started at Sourcegraph.

Note: We are in the process of switching new hire kit vendors and anticipate the new kits to be live in July or August 2022. In the meantime we will not be ordering additional inventory from our current vendor. If you join Sourcegraph prior to August 2022 and the current item(s) are not available in your size, you are welcome to wait and order a new hire kit once we’re set up with the new vendor. You can request to do this via the #swag slack channel.

Ordering Additional Swag

There are times that teammates will want to order custom swag for other occasions, such as a team trip or celebration. Below are things to consider and steps to take to begin the ordering process.

Where does budget come from

The budget for additional swag (any swag besides the New Hire Kit) will be the responsibility of the team requesting the swag order. For example, if the Talent team is requesting custom hats for a team trip, this order will be paid for using the Talent team’s budget.

Individual teams will not be responsible for finding budget for company-wide swag shipments such as product release swag (for example, the 2022 Code Insights T-shirts).

If you have any questions, please reach out to the #swag channel.

Who to reach out to

When you’re ready to begin an order, please fill out this google form to provide the following information:

  • What is the occasion you’re ordering swag for?
  • What type of swag do you want to order (ex: hats, backpacks, etc.)
  • When do you need the swag in-hand? (We recommend starting the ordering process at least 6-8 prior to the delivery date)
  • What quantity will you need?
  • What countries will you need the swag shipped to?
  • Have you confirmed your team has the budget for this order?

Once you’ve completed the google form, someone from the People team will connect you via email with our custom swag vendor, Telescope, who will facilitate the ordering process.

Brand Guidelines

When designing custom swag, please follow our brand guidelines and run any mock-ups past the brand team (Tracey Johnson) if you have any questions.