Sourcegraph Internship Program

We are rolling out our first-ever internship program in !

This will be a 12 week internship program beginning May 16, 2022 and ending August 5th, 2022. All roles will be full-time and all-remote.

We do not limit our internships to just students - we welcome all qualified applicants, including incoming college seniors, graduating seniors, graduate students, people without a degree, or individuals looking to make a career change.

Information for Candidates

Open Positions

We will be hiring for interns across various business departments. Recruiting will begin in February 2022 and our open roles can be found on our Careers Page.

Job Boards we’re Using

Compensation, Perks, and Equipment


Prior to opening internship roles, our compensation offers are approved and finalized by our finance team. Your recruiter will discuss our compensation offer with you in your recruiter screen.

We pay competitively because we want to hire the best people and we want our teammates to be focused on helping Sourcegraph succeed, not worrying about paying bills. Internships will be paid and follow the same logic as our standard Compensation Philosophy.

Our interns will use Rippling to track and report their daily and weekly hours for payroll. Our Tech Ops team will help each intern get set up and trained on Rippling during the first week of the internship program.


  • 🎧 Desk Set Up
  • 🌐 Internet - A fixed reimbursement for $50 of internet expenses monthly
  • 📱 Mobile phone - A fixed reimbursement for $75 of mobile phone expenses monthly


  • We will provide each intern with a loaner laptop for the duration of the internship. Once hired, our Tech Ops team will ship you a Sourcegraph device prior to your first day. The equipment will need to be returned in its original condition and box with all the included accessories at the end of the internship.

VISAs We Accept

F1 Student VISA

If you are on a current F1 Student VISA and eligible to work in the US for the duration of the internship program, we will gladly consider you for our internship roles.

If you are hired, we will need to verify your employment within your first 2 days of work using one or a combo of the documents listed here as part of your I-9 check. All other VISA requirements, including obtaining an I-20 form to authorize CPT work authorization, will need to be handled between you and your university.

Sourcegraph does not have the ability to support F-1 extensions (OPT).

Read more about our VISA policies for full-time employees here.

Internship Events

In addition to each interns’ projects and responsibilities, there will be a scheduled social and educational events to enhance the internship program experience. Google calendar invites have been sent for each of the events. If the event dates/times are updated, your google calendar invites will also be updated.

  • 5/16 Welcome Meeting with HR
  • 5/19 Meet the Founders
  • 5/25 Virtual Game Event
  • 5/31 Cohort Meeting
  • 6/1 Exec Q&A- Carly Jones
  • 6/8 LinkedIn Workshop
  • 6/14 Yoga/Meditation
  • 6/15 Exec Q&A - Dan Adler
  • 6/21 Cohort Meeting
  • 6/22 Exec Q&A - Christina/Nick
  • 6/29 Exec Q&A - Kacie
  • 7/6 Interviewing Workshop
  • 7/13 Q&A - Connor O’Brien
  • 7/14 Virtual Escape Room
  • 7/19 Cohort Meeting
  • 7/20 Optional Q&A - Ben Horowitz
  • 7/27 Exec Q&A - Gregg/Aimee
  • 8/3 Virtual Cooking Class

Internship Projects

Prior to the end of the internship, each intern will complete a final project in the form of a blog post and video. These projects will reflect and recap the internship experience. Prompts and details have been shared internally and you can reach out to Kemper Hamilton with any questions.

  • The video submission is due to Kemper on July 18th, 2022.
  • The blog post will be shared from your personal LinkedIn and emailed to Kemper by COB August 1, 2022.

Hiring after the internship

At the end of an internship, a full time position is not guaranteed, but may be possible depending on performance and what roles are open at that time. If the internship does not end with joining Sourcegraph in a full-time position, our team will happily stay in touch with you in case another opportunity arises in the future.

Information for Sourcegraph Teammates

Future Internship Cohorts

While this is our first internship program, it won’t be our last! We welcome questions and feedback in the #hiring slack channel so we can improve for future intern cohorts. We will also be hosting a retrospective with participating teammates upon the completion of the internship.

How to request an intern for your team

Intern positions for the first cohort (May-August 2022) have been finalized. More info coming soon about how to request an intern for future cohorts.

Having an intern is not guaranteed, but the Talent Team will connect with leadership and do their best to align interns with teams as needed.

My intern request was approved, now what?

If your team is selected to have an intern, the recruiter will reach out via slack to request your job description and interview plan. The hiring manager will be required to develop a job description following the steps in the handbook. Once finalized, the recruiter will get the role set up in Greenhouse, posted to our job boards, and then create a private slack channel for the hiring team to stay aligned throughout the interview process. From there the recruiter will begin sourcing, recruiting, and scheduling interviews.

What does managing an intern require?

1:1 Meetings

  • Consistent feedback is crucial to a successful internship. We expect managers to conduct a weekly 1:1 with their intern(s) for the duration of the internship program. The internship program manager will share a 1:1 template and a weekly project tracker with each intern manager prior to the internship start date.

Internship Plans

  • Prior to the internship start date, each intern manager will create an Internship Plan that breaks down the interns’ summer project schedule week by week (Weeks can be combined if needed. For example “Weeks 1-2, Weeks 3-6, Weeks 7-9, Weeks 10-12). This plan will be shared with the interns during their first week so they can know what to expect for the summer.

Wage and Hour Guidelines

  • Prior to the internship program, compliance information for managing an hourly intern will be shared with each intern manager. The manager must also share this information with each intern on Day 1.