Rejection reasons overview

A rejection reason is a configurable field in Greenhouse that we use at Sourcegraph when rejecting a candidate or prospect from a job. The rejection reasons that we use are categorized into two main types:

  • We rejected them
  • They rejected us

Capturing structured data around why a candidate or prospect was ultimately rejected from a job can impact the way Sourcegraph analyzes its recruiting efforts by revealing any potential trends.

Below is a list of rejection reasons that we use at Sourcegraph, accompanied by an explanation of when to use each.

We rejected them

  • Lacking skill(s)/qualification(s): If the candidate does not meet the minimum requirements for the role they are applying for. This could include not having the required technical skills or work experience, not having a relevant degree or certification, not demonstrating proficiency in the necessary programming languages or tools, etc.
  • Consider for Future - Too Junior: The candidate is deemed to be less experienced or less qualified than what is required for the role they have applied for, but shows potential for growth and development. For example, they meet the technical requirements for the role but it requires 5 years of experience and they only have 1.
  • Consider for Future - Position On Hold: The position the candidate applied for is currently not available due to various reasons such as budget constraints, a temporary freeze on hiring, or other business-related factors. In this case, we want to keep the candidate’s information on file and consider them for future opportunities when the position becomes available again.
  • Consider for Future - We Hired Someone Else / Preferred Other Candidates: We moved forward with another candidate who was deemed to be a better fit for the role based on their experience, skills, or qualifications; however, we want to keep this particular candidate’s information on file to consider them for future opportunities that may arise.
  • Unprofessional / Lacking Values Alignment: The candidate exhibited behavior during the application process or interview that is not in line with Sourcegraph’s values, culture, or expectations for professionalism. Examples of such behavior might include unprofessional communication, lack of respect for the interviewers, or actions that are not aligned with our values.
  • Employment Gaps or Job Hops is a Concern: The candidate’s employment history raises concerns about their ability to stay committed to a position for an extended period of time. For example, the candidate may have a pattern of frequent job changes or extended periods of unemployment.
  • Location: The candidate has relavant skills and experience but is located in a different timezone and is unable to commit to the preffered working hours. For example, if a sales role requires someone to work in the United States on Pacific Time, and a qualified candidate in Japan applies for the role.
  • Duplicate: The candidate already has a profile in Greenhouse. In this case, if they were already rejected on the other profile, please use this reasoning and do not send another rejection email.
  • Other (add reasoning below): If there are other factors that were not covered by our standard rejection reasons. For example, a conflict of interest. Please add the reasoning in the notes.

They rejected us

  • Withdrew - Not interested in the role (please include details in notes): The candidate has communicated to Sourcegraph that they are no longer interested in the position due to factors outside of pay or financial incentives. For example, they don’t think that the projects they will be working on will bring them satisfaction. When selecting this reason, please explain why the candidate was not interested in the role.
  • Accepted Another Job / Offer (please include details in notes): The candidate withdrew after receiving another job offer that they have decided to accept. Please include details about the other offer in the notes.
  • Withdrew - Personal Reasons: The candidate has communicated to Sourcegraph that they are withdrawing from the interview process due to personal reasons. For example, health issues, family emergencies, or changes in personal circumstances.
  • Unresponsive to Scheduling Request / No Showed for Interview: The candidate did not respond to our availbility request or did not show up for an interview that was scheduled.
  • Withdrew - Compensation Too Low (please include details in notes): The candidate withdrew from the interview process or rejected the job offer due to concerns about the compensation package being too low. Please include their compensation expectations on their “private” tab and note any other relavant details when rejecting.
  • Timing Off- Just Started New Role (<6 months): The candidate has communicated to Sourcegraph that they are not willing to accept a job offer or continue with the interview process because they have recently started a new role and feel that it is too soon to consider leaving their current position.
  • Timing Off - Financial Incentives (Bonus, Commission, RSUs etc): The timing is off for the candidate because they will be receiving a bonus, commussions, RSUs, etc. at their company in the future and they have communicated that they would like to wait until after that point before considering another opportunity.
  • Turned Down Offer (Other): The candidate turned us down for other factors that were not covered by our standard rejection reasons. For example, a conflict of interest. Please add the reasoning in the notes.