Extending an offer

The interview lifecycle

Offer stage

Step 1: once finalist is identified, Recruiter completes references if necessary.

  • Learn more about our reference check philosophy here

Step 2: the Recruiter confirms level and compensation via Slack with Hiring Manager, Department Head, and Director, Technical Recruiting (if applicable).

Step 3: the Recruiter has a pre-closing conversation with the candidate to confirm mutual-interest. It is very important that the Recruiter makes no offer promises or commitments to the candidate until the offer has been formally approved in Greenhouse.

  • COMING SOON: closing & counter offer best practices

Step 4: the Recruiter creates an offer in Greenhouse

  • The offer start date must align with a cohort start date, which take place every 2-weeks.
    • If you need to start a Teammate on a non-cohort date, you must receive approval from VP Talent. To receive approval, please send a Slack to VP Talent, Noemi and Ines with business case for starting on a non-cohort date.
  • Recruiter inputs number of equity options into the Stock Option Calculator, and transfers information into offer in Greenhouse.
  • Approval chain: Director, Technical Recruiting (if applicable) > VP Talent > Hiring Manager > Department Head > VP Operations and/or Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis.
  • We want to hire people who overwhelmingly get Yes and Strong Yes feedback. If the candidate did not receive all Yes or Strong Yes feedback, the Hiring Manager or Recruiter needs to submit written justification for moving forward with offer in the offer approval section.
    • If the candidate received a no during the values interview, follow these steps.

Step 5: once the offer is fully approved in Greenhouse, Recruiter schedules an offer summary call using the email template in Greenhouse. The purpose of the offer summary call is to review our offer with the candidate and answer any questions they may have.

  • Attendees: Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Candidate.
  • To generate the offer summary, click “generate” in the Offer Details section of the candidate’s Greenhouse profile, and select the appropriate offer summary.
  • Recruiter will download the offer summary as a Word Doc, and convert to PDF. Recruiter will then send to the Hiring Manager and Director, Technical Recruiting (if applicable) for review.
  • Offer Summary call agenda:
    • The Hiring Manager kicks off the call to give the candidate feedback and tell why we’re excited about them.
    • The Recruiter then shares their screen to display the offer summary document.
    • The Recruiter then covers our compensation philosophy, the compensation specifics, perks, travel (and benefits, if applicable), and equity.
    • The Hiring Manager and Recruiter answer any questions and ask how the candidate is feeling about the opportunity.
    • Before ending the call, be sure to 1) determine a potential start date (all start dates should fall on a cohort Monday and any exceptions to that rule require approval from VP of Talent and People Ops) and 2) schedule a follow-up call to answer any questions.
  • COMING SOON: offer summary call script

Step 6: following the offer call, the Recruiter sends the offer summary to the candidate in an email, and Cc’s the Hiring Manager, VP Talent and Director, Technical Recruiting (if applicable).

Step 7: once the candidate verbally accepts the offer, the Recruiter follows the below steps:

  • If US-based candidate: make a formal request in the Slack channel talent-scheduling-and-offers for an offer letter to be sent via DocuSign.
  • If a Contractor candidate: make a formal request in the Slack channel talent-scheduling-and-offers for an offer letter to be sent via DocuSign.
  • If onboarding via a PEO, make a formal request in the Slack channel #peo-visa-hiring to begin the PEO onboarding process (example below).

Hi team - we have a candidate based in location that we would like to onboard via Remote. Can we please initiate the process?

  • Candidate’s full legal name:
  • Candidate’s personal email:
  • Country of residence:
  • Do they require visa sponsorship to work in their country of residence? If so, what visa?
  • Job title:
  • Job description link:
  • Compensation in USD (we will need to convert this to their local currency):
  • Provide commission plan if applicable to the role:
  • Job level:
  • Will they be an IC or Manager?
  • Start date:
  • Hiring Manager (full name):

Step 8: the candidate receives the offer.

  • For US-based offers, the Recruiting Operations Specialist will send the US-offer template via DocuSign.
  • For non-US based offers (Contractors), the Recruiting Operations Specialist will confirm the correct template and will send via DocuSign.
  • For PEO candidates, the candidate will receive all offer documentation via the PEO.

COMING SOON: what to do if the candidate declines our offer

Offer Process for PEO/EOR contracts

  1. Confirm if the Country is Eligible for PEO through Remote.com - https://support.remote.com/hc/en-us/articles/4411262104589
  2. If a country does not have an SLA, notify People Ops and Legal to begin the SLA process if at the final or offer stage with a candidate.
    • Current SLA in UK, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland
  3. Talent notifies People Ops of verbal acceptance and provides contract info
  4. People Ops enters information to Remote platform and invites candidate to onboard to Remote (~ 1 day)
  5. Candidate creates Remote profile and completes required fields (~1-2 days)
  6. Remote reviews candidate and contract information to create and send SLA and Employment agreement (~3-5 days)
  7. People Ops/VP Talent and Legal review SO/SLA and sign (~1-2 days)
  8. Candidate reviews and signs Employment Agreement (~1-2 days)
  9. People Ops forwards confirmation for signed employment agreement to Talent
  10. Follow PEO Onboarding Process