Headcount changes

How to make a change to headcount plan

Hiring Managers and Recruiters are able to make changes to their headcount plan as long as we follow the proper process. Changes to the headcount plan include:

  • Change a role’s start date (pulling a role forward or pushing it back in the board-approved headcount plan)
  • Add a net-new role to the headcount plan (not already approved by the board)
  • Delete a role from the plan (with no plans to re-allocate the headcount to another role or department)
  • Change the scope of a role (ie title, level, department, etc.)

In order to do this, the Hiring Manager must get alignment from their department head and submit a Headcount Change Request Form. A Recruiter is able to do this on behalf of the Hiring Manager as well.

Once the form has been received, the Recruiter will tag Finance, VP Talent, and Department Head in Responses: HC Change Form tab.

Once approved, the Recruiter will make the necessary changes in Greenhouse. However, the Recruiter will not change the Quarter start date (board plan) or Start date (board plan)