Identifying candidates

The interview lifecycle

Where we find our candidates

We identify candidates using a variety of channels:

  • Inbound applicants from our postings

    • You can see more information about our recruitment branding efforts and where we advertise our jobs here.
  • Sourced candidates

    • We do not depend 100% on inbound applicants providing the funnel we need to complete a search, and therefore we actively recruit passive candidates via a variety of channels, including LinkedIn Recruiter.
    • Policy on outreaching to prospective candidates that work at a Sourcegraph customer: It is okay to reach out to these prospective candidates. Do not mention their current employer or team being a customer of ours in the outreach. We should always be targeted in the people we outreach to because of their skills and experience. We should not be using our customer vendor relationship as a way to outreach to our customer’s employees.
    • How to be a sourcer at Sourcegraph
  • Referrals

    • Current teammates can refer a candidate in Greenhouse by following these instructions. There is no need for your referral to apply through our careers page once you have referred them in Greenhouse.
  • Recruiting agencies

    • When do we use agencies?: we only partner with select recruitment agencies in a limited capacity. Most recruitment takes place via our internal recruitment team, so any outside agency support must be approved by both the VP Talent and finance, who will review requests on a case-by-case basis to see what is the required candidate pipeline to meet the team’s hiring goals. If internal recruiter(s) are not enough to meet the needs of the team, then we will consider outside help.
    • How do we engage with a new agency?: to engage with a new agency, please Slack @hiring with your request, including 1) the agency name/contact information and 2) the roles that you would like the agency to work on. As a next step, the VP of Talent will send and sign all agency agreemnts. All agencies sign our standard agreement. Our standard agency fee is 20%.
    • How do agencies submit candidates?: the talent team will set each agency up with a Greenhouse account. All agencies must submit candidates via Greenhouse.
    • Where do we store agency agreements?: The folder to store agency contracts can be found here.
    • What do I do if an agency recruiter (with whom we do not have an agreement) emails me a candidate?: please forward any emails from agencies to

Sourcing best practices

Here is a guide to using LinkedIn Recruiter to source candidates and here is a link to our sourcing best practices

How we source passive candidates

  • Our goal is to drive meaningful outreach and engagement with prospective candidates. When designing an engagement strategy, the goal is to create a sequence of messages and/or content at touch points delivered to a targeted candidate at predefined intervals.

Here’s a guide on creating a Recruiting Outreach Campaign.

How a Recruiter and/or Hiring Manager partners with their Sourcer

  • A sourcer is responsible for sourcing passive and active candidates for open roles. A Sourcer partners extensively with Recruiters and Hiring Managers to identify, attract, and message appropriate candidates.

Here’s a guide on how a sourcer partners with recruiters and hiring managers.