Guide to Using LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter Licenses

We have unlimited LinkedIn Recruiter licenses for all Sourcegraph teammates. A recruiter license allows you to view unlimited candidate profiles and send unlimited messages to prospective candidates. This is a helpful tool for hiring managers or any teammates who want to help with recruiting outreach efforts.

If you would like a recruiter license, please contact #Hiring in Slack we will get your account activated!

Resources to learn more about using your LinkedIn Recruiter License:

Sourcing and Outreach Best Practices

Our goal is to drive meaningful outreach and engagement with prospective candidates. When designing an engagement strategy, the goal is to create a sequence of messages and or/content at touch points delivered to a targeted candidate at predefined intervals.

Here’s a guide on creating a Recruiting Outreach Campaign.

Search filters

Work with the recruiter to create search criterias for your role. This will be used to generate an automated pipeline of outbound candidates for the hiring manager to review.

LinkedIn’s guide to their search filter for recruiter seat can be found here.

Common filters used:

  • Job titles: Common industry titles the role has.
  • Keywords: Skills or phrases found on profiles of interest. Qualification section of job description is a good source for keywords.
  • Location: Any preference on location or time zone for the role.
  • Companies: Any companies that are known to have quality candidates for the role.
  • Years of experience: Possible minimum years of experience required for the role, or is commonly needed to gain the required qualifications.

Engagement strategy

After the hiring manager and recruiter work together on setting up the search criteria, LinkedIn will surface batches of candidates that meet that criteria for the hiring manager to review. The hiring manager and recruiter will set up an outreach strategy for profiles we want to engage. This will likely be the recruiter finding the candidate’s email if possible for the hiring manager to outreach, or the recruiter sending an InMail to set up an intro call with the hiring manager.

Only candidates we decide to engage will be added into Greenhouse.

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