Recruitment Branding

Join us in sharing about Life at Sourcegraph! An important part of finding top notch talent is leveraging our individual networks and sharing about Sourcegraph’s Culture and Values. This page outlines recruitment branding tips and information to tell the story of what it’s like to work at Sourcegraph.

We post about hiring initiatives and Sourcegraph culture content on our company LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and Blog pages.

Sharing to your personal social platforms

Sourcegraph will share the top priority roles we’re hiring for via a monthly LinkedIn and Twitter post. It is encouraged to post about our open roles on personal Linkedin and Twitter profiles as well. Thank you for helping us attract and hire the best talent!

Linked In

  • If you share all of our open roles on your LinkedIn, please use the following link so that Greenhouse can track the applicants that apply through our personal LinkedIn posts:
    • If you prefer to share a specific role, rather than the entire job board, please send a Slack message to #hiring and a member of the talent team will create a LinkedIn tracking link for you to use
  • Copy options for LinkedIn
    • We are building a team of brilliant dreamers around the globe. Join my team at Sourcegraph!
    • At Sourcegraph we are developing the world’s most advanced code search navigation platform alongside some pretty awesome people. Check it out:
    • View this folder full of LinkedIn post examples to provide some inspiration!
  • View the “Recommendations from Sourcegraph” section on Sourcegraph’s LinkedIn Profile to find recent updates and articles to share

LinkedIn Posting Best Practices


Company content to share:

Leaving Company Reviews

We encourage teammates to leave honest reviews about their Sourcegraph experience on the following sites:

Writing Prompts

If helpful, you can use these prompts to get ideas flowing for your review.

  • I enjoy working at Sourcegraph because…
  • My favorite perk/benefit at Sourcegraph is…
  • A day in the life of a Sourcegraph employee includes…
  • Since starting at Sourcegraph, I have learned…

Here are instructions on how to leave a company review on Glassdoor

If you want to make a suggestion or notice outdated company details on any of our profiles, please let your recruiter know or send a slack in the #hiring channel.

Job boards

Our Careers Page is a great resource for candidates to learn about working at Sourcegraph and view our current job opportunities. In addition to the Careers page, we also leverage Job Boards to post about our open roles.

Before posting to a job board:

In order to assess the return on investment for any given job board, it is critical that we create custom sources and tracking links in Greenhouse. This will allow us to capture data on where applicants are applying from. To do this, please follow these instructions:

We currently cross-post our open positions to the following locations:

  • LinkedIn. All jobs that are publically listed in our applicant tracking system are automatically pushed to LinkedIn.
  • “Ask HN: Who is Hiring” monthly thread. Devon Coords posts one job to Hacker News on the first of every month.
  • RemoteWoman. RemoteWoman scrapes our career page, we can also message them to manually post our unlisted roles.
  • Tech Ladies. With our current plan we can post up to 10 roles at a time (and can rotate out roles as they are filled). Devon Coords owns this list and payments are made with Nick’s Brex. We can update our posted roles anytime by emailing
  • Glassdoor All jobs that are publically listed in our applicant tracking system are automatically pushed to Glassdoor.
  • Blind
  • AngelList
  • Diversify Tech

Click here to see the job boards we’re using for our Internship Program

Job boards and coding bootcamps we have posted to in the past:

Job boards we will consider in the future:

We welcome suggestions for more places that we can post! Please reach out to your recruiter or post in the #hiring slack channel to suggest a new job board.

We want to make sure our job postings reach a wide audience and that we’re posting in multiple places without a large overlap in members from our existing job postings.


How to make a referral