Guide to using Greenhouse

What is Greenhouse

Greenhouse is Sourcegraphs’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It is a collaborative tool designed to be used by everyone in the company, and is a convenient way to easily record feedback and use data to make great hires, faster.

How to log in

  1. Check your email for an invitation to Greenhouse
  2. Navigate to and select Sign In (you can also click this link)
  3. Enter the email and password from your invitation

Greenhouse access

  • All teammates are granted Basic access, which allows you to submit and track referrals, interview candidates, and share jobs to social media. If you believe you need a different level of access, please Slack the #ask-hiring channel.
  • Hiring Managers and Executives have access to view all candidates for any requisition where they’re listed as a Hiring Manager
  • Talent team members have admin access and full visibility into the platform

Integrations needed

How to use Greenhouse as a Hiring Manager

  • Once you fill out this form, Recruiting will open your job in Greenhouse and will get your job description posted to the careers page
  • To view your jobs, click “All Jobs” at the top of your navigation bar
  • You can use a @ mention to tag Recruiting within Greenhouse. Read more here.
  • To make an offer, please Slack in your role’s private hiring channel and Recruiting will enter the offer for approvals in Greenhouse

How to use Greenhouse as an Interviewer

How to use Greenhouse as a Recruiter

How to use Greenhouse as a Recruiting Coordinator / Scheduler

Adding an Agency Recruiter to Greenhouse

How to use Tags in Greenhouse

Why do we use them?

  • Tags helps us keep track of candidates that we can’t currently put in play, but will be relevent for for future headcounts. As our candidate pool is in the 1,000s we need an efficient way to find the right candidates for the top of the funnel when starting a new search.
  • Best practices for using candidate tags

How do we use them?

For every candidate add at least three tags:

  • Role
  • Skill (you can add multiple)
  • Years of experience