Resources for Recruiting Operations

The Talent team at Sourcegraph is on a mission to create an incredible candidate experience, hire the best talent, and uphold our company values. This wouldn’t be possible without our Recruiting Operations Specialists! This page will explain the Recruiting Operations Specialist role and outline the best practices for coordinating interviews.

Who we work with

Recruiting Operations Specialists partner closely with the Talent Team and Hiring Managers to help meet Sourcegraph’s hiring needs. Our goal is to coordinate interviews on behalf of the talent team as swiftly as possible with candidate experience top of mind.

In order to help attract top global talent, Recruiting Operations Specialists also partner with the Marketing team to enhance recruitment branding efforts.

Platforms we use

  • Google Calendar: To send interview invitations to our lovely Sourcegraph interviewers
  • Greenhouse: To access candidate information, interview structure, job details, and schedule interviews.
  • Gmail: To communicate with candidates
  • BrightHire
  • Slack: To communicate with the Talent team and the rest of the Sourcegraph team
  • Calendly
  • Talent Wall

How to submit an interview scheduling request

Need an interview scheduled for one of your candidates? Submit a request one of the following ways, depending on your role.

How Recruiters submit interview requests

  • When a candidate has passed the Recruiter Screen stage of the Interview Process, the Recruiter will request interview scheduling from a coordinator.

    • Please note: Make sure that all interviews under your interview plan in Greenhouse are up-to-date.

      • Under ”Job Setup” > ”Interview Plan” > Click ”EditInterview” under each corresponding interview, and scroll to the ”Interview Prep” section. Make a note at the top of that section listing who the required/preferred interviewers are and who their backup counterparts are. Add all potential interviewers to the ”Set default interviewers” box.
    • Step 1: Gather the candidate’s availability

      • Note: While you can grab the availability from the candidate via email or verbally, it is ideal to gather this information via Greenhouse.
      • Step 1: Go to the Candidate’s profile in Greenhouse
      • Step 2: Under the interview stage you will see ”Availability”, click the 2nd link to the right that says ”Request Availability
      • Step 3: Select the appropriate template, make sure to add any additional information in the Body.
        • If the interviewer(s) provide preferred time slots, you can include those by clicking the ”Suggest interview times for candidate” button.
      • Step 4: Send email
    • Step 2: Make a formal request in the Slack channel #talent-scheduling-and-offers

      • Step 1: In the slack channel you will go to the message box and click on the Attachments & shortcuts button (the cross icon).
      • Step 2: You will see a section called Workflows for this channel with two options: ”Scheduling Request” and ”Offer Request
      • Step 3: Click on ”Scheduling Request” and fill out the form.
        • Under Availability, you can either paste the time slots the candidate provided or indicate that the availability is in Greenhouse.
        • Under Notes, include any additional information that will help recruiting coordinators schedule faster, such as who the required and preferred interviewers are.
      • Step 4: Click ”Submit” once you’re done.
  • The coordinator will provide scheduling status updates (typically done via emoji on the recruiter’s Slack message with the schedule request)

How all other teammates submit interview requests

  • Simply let the appropriate Recruiter and/or Recruiting Operations Specialist know what you would like scheduled in whatever format is easiest for you (email, slack, tagging them in Greenhouse, etc.). Please include the candidate’s full name and which types of interviews you would like scheduled. We will let you know if we have any follow up questions!
    • If you do not hear back from us in 24–48 hours, please send a kind reminder over Slack in the #ask-hiring channel

Interview scheduling

How to schedule an interview

Step 1: Find the candidate’s profile in Greenhouse by searching for their name.

Step 2: On the ”On1Job” tab, note the candidate’s current step in the interview process and their availability for the next interview step(s).

  • Recruiter and/or Hiring Manager will let you know which step(s) need to be scheduled.
  • The candidate’s availability will be listed in ”your” time zone, meaning, whichever time zone you designated for yourself under your Greenhouse settings.
    • You can find the candidate’s time zone by scrolling up to the top of their profile and looking under their name. Alternative ways to find a candidate’s location are within their resume on the Details tab, or on the Linkedin tab.

Step 3: Click ”Schedule Interview” to the right of the interview section that you need to schedule.

  • This will take you to a page showing you the calendars of each potential interviewer.
    • Pro tip: Open this in a new window so you can view the candidate’s availability side by side with the scheduling page.
  • Remove anyone who does not need to attend the interview by clicking on the x next to their name
    • The Interview Plan and job post will specify how many people should be in each interview section and whether or not specific people are required
    • See who the required interviewers are in the Interview Plan by clicking on the ”Job Title” at the top of the candidate’s Greenhouse profile, selecting ”Job Setup” > ”Interview Plan” > Edit icon next to the corresponding interview stage, then scrolling to the ”Interview Prep” section.
    • Note: If there are discrepancies between the job post and interview plan, go to the role-specific hiring channel and ask your Recruiter to confirm the panel.

Step 4: Select an available time on the calendar within Greenhouse that corresponds with the candidate’s availability.

Step 5: Click ”Schedule and Continue

Step 6: The Email template, Subject Line, and Description will auto populate. All you need to do is click ”Add Video Conferencing”, select ”Zoom”, and mark one of the interviewers as the Zoom Host.

  • Note: If one of the interviewers is not the Zoom host, they will not be able to cancel the interview recording in BrightHire should the candidate request that in real time.

Step 7: Before sending any interview invitations, please double check the interviewers’ availability within Google Calendar by clicking ”Open in Google Cal“.

  • This will open a separate tab. You can see the interview Zoom link in the body of the invite, as well as the interviewers’ names listed as Guests.
  • Use the “Find a Time” tool to confirm all interviewers are available during the interview time.
  • Note: the calendar shown in Greenhouse does not include interviewers’ working hours. You must open in Google Calendar to ensure that you are scheduling an interview within working hours.

Step 8: Click ”Save” > ”Send” > ”Invite all guests

Note: Follow the same scheduling steps for internal candidates that you would for external candidates. Send the confirmation email to the internal candidate’s Sourcegraph email address so they can add the event to their calendar if they’d like.

Scheduling best practices

  • Scheduling over other meetings on interviewers’ calendars
    • Try to avoid scheduling over other meetings on interviewers’ calendars and be considerate of interviewers’ working hours. If absolutely necessary, you can slack an interviewer to see if any of their meetings are flexible in order to accommodate a candidate’s availability.
    • Hiring Managers are busy. When sending a slack, include helpful context such as the role, candidate name, and type of interview. Be sure to convert any timeframes you reference into their time time zone. If you reference any conflicting meetings on their calendar, send them a bulleted list or screenshot of which meetings you’re referencing.
  • When scheduling more than one interview step, try to schedule back to back interviews on the same day
    • Oftentimes scheduling interview steps on the same day is not possible due to the interviewer’s varying time zones and schedules. In these cases, it is okay to schedule interviews over multiple days.
  • Provide candidates with at least a 15 minute break after two hours of interviews, if possible
  • Schedule interviews using the candidate’s earliest availability within reason
  • Unless specified, interviews within an interview stage can be scheduled in any order. For example, the peer interview does not have to be completed prior to the cross-functional collaboration interview. But since the HM screen and the Peer interview are in different stages, the HM screen must come first.
    • If there is an exception, the recruiter will let you know.
  • Confirm that all interviews scheduled within the next 24 hours have been accepted by interviewers and confirmed by candidates.
    • You can quickly confirm in Google Calendar by opening the “Interviews” calendar, clicking on each interview, and ensuring that all the panelists have a green checkmark next to their name.
  • Utilize tools like TextExpander or Text Blaze for things you tend to type or hyperlink often
  • Always seek to improve!
    • Look for opportunities to make your workflow more efficient and if someone has an idea, listen.

Executive Business Partner breakdown

Please reach out to the following Executive Business Partners directly if you have any questions about the following Sourcegraph executive’s availability:

How to select a Values Interview panel

When creating the interview plan in Greenhouse, the talent team will select 2 values interviewers to participate in the interview process for each role. The talent team aims to include two teammates outside of the department for which a candidate is interviewing.

How to send a candidate interview confirmation email

Step 1: Once you’ve sent out all of the interview invitations to the appropriate Sourcegraph panelists, refresh the candidate’s Greenhouse profile.

Step 2: Click “Send Interview Confirmation” above the candidate’s availability.

  • If you receive a candidate’s availability outside of Greenhouse (phone, text, email, etc.), you may not see an option to “send interview confirmation email” in Greenhouse. In these cases, simply click “not requested” or “not received” next to availability and update it to “availability received”. You should then see the option to “send interview confirmation email”.

Step 3: The email template will auto-populate. You’ll only need to edit the following:

  • Make sure the recruiter, hiring manager, agency recruiter (if applicable) and yourself are all Cc’d.
    • We recommend you Cc yourself because otherwise you will not be able to find the email in your “sent” Gmail folder.
  • Within the “Interview Agenda” section of the email, add and link the specific Interview Type(s) and the interviewer names.

Step 4: Send Email

For IAM Technical Interviews only

When scheduling a IAM Technical Interview, you will also need to schedule a prep email to be sent to the candidate 2 hours prior to the interview by completing the following steps:

  1. Select the ”Email [Candidate Name]” button under ”Tools” on the right side of the Candidate’s greenhouse profile, which will open an email window.
  2. Select the ”Send - Interview Prep - IAM” email template
  3. Select ”Pick” a custom time’ in the ”Send Email When” dropdown and schedule the email to be sent 2 hours prior to the Technical Interview.
  4. Send Email

Updating an interview that has already been scheduled

Adjusting the interviewers’ Google Calendar invite(s)

Step 1: Find the existing interview invitation on Google Calendar and ”Edit Event

Step 2: Adjust the interviewers or select a new available time frame depending on whether you’re rescheduling due to interviewer availability or candidate availability

  • No need to adjust the subject line, event description, or zoom link
  • Use the “Find a Time” tool to confirm all interviewers are available during the interview time

Step 3: Click “Save”, “Send”, and “Invite all guests”. This will automatically update the schedule in Greenhouse

Note: If you’re removing the interviewer who is set as the zoom meeting host, you will need to create a new zoom link with an appropriate host by following these steps:

  • Delete the original interview invite from google calendar
  • Use Greenhouse to reschedule the interview and create a new zoom meeting with the appropriate host assigned
  • Provide the candidate with their new zoom link and updated interviewer names

Resending the candidate’s Confirmation Email

Step 1: Refresh the Candidate’s Greenhouse Profile

  • You’ll see that the Google calendar updates you made are reflected in the interview schedule

Step 2: Click ”Resend Interview Confirmation” above the candidate’s availability.

Step 3: The email template will auto-populate again. 2. Make sure the recruiter, hiring manager, agency recruiter (if applicable) and yourself are all Cc’d

Step 4: Adjust the subject line to include “UPDATED”

Step 5: Within the ”Interview Agenda” section of the email, add and link the specific Interview Type(s) and the interviewer names. Double check that the correct Zoom link is in the invite.

Step 6: Send Email

How to generate an offer letter

Offer letters are generated and sent by Recruiting Coordinators or Recruiting Operations Specialists.

To generate a US Offer Letter, watch and follow these steps.

To generate a non-US Offer letter, watch and follow these steps.

Other Recruiting Operations responsibilities:

Project work

Reporting on candidate survey results to the Talent Team

Recruiting Operations Specialists follow the steps below to send weekly candidate survey results to the Talent team:

  1. Click the three dots on the top of the Greenhouse page

  2. Click on “Reports

  3. Click on “Candidate Surveys

  4. Click “Export to excel” and open in numbers (mac) or excel (PC)

  5. Delete column B because it is not applicable

  6. Copy all new data from the week and paste it into the Talent team’s candidate survey responses spreadsheet

  7. Reformat and drag down the average numerical score

    • The individual and average numerical scores should then automatically be calculated in the spreadsheet, along with the candidate satisfaction rate

Recruitment branding

Working alongside Marketing to manage recruitment branding strategies on job boards and social media.

Details can be found here