Wellness Challenges at Sourcegraph

Sourcegraph deeply cares about our teammates’ wellness and health. The people team will launch a new wellness challenge each quarter. The challenges will be well rounded from fitness, cooking, and mental health focused programs.

Upcoming challenges:

Quarterly walking challenge:

What: Weekly steps challenge that will run in . You will track your steps daily and submit your totals distance walked at the end of each week (Sunday through Sunday).

When: The challenge begins 13th of November and ends 31st of January.

Who: Any Sourcegraph teammate is eligible to participate!

Winners & Prizes: There will be 12 winners per challenge.

  1. There will be a weekly winner (11) for total distance walked/ran each week. The prizes will vary each week, but will be worth a minimum of $50 USD.
  2. There will be a grand prize winners for the total distance walked/run in the quarter

How: Submit this form weekly. Your submission must include a picture of one of the following:

  1. Screenshot of your completed distance per day. Dates of the week need to be present on the screen (apple watching, fitbit, etc.)
  2. Screenshot of your completed distance for the week. Dates need to be present on the screen/picture.


  • Starting Monday November 20th, you’ll submit this google form for the distance walked for the week of the 13th. You’ll continue to log your steps via the google form each monday for the previous week.
  • Note: distance can be submitted by steps, miles, or kilometers. All entries will be converted into steps (conversation: 1 Mile = 2,000 steps /1 Kilometer = 1,350 steps).
  • 🏅We will announce the weekly winner each Tuesday in #announcement-people-talent-team
  • You can only win 3 weekly prizes during the duration of the 11.5 weeks. If you have already won the 3 weekly prizes you will still be eligible for the grand prize, but weekly prize(s) will go to the second place winner.

Distance tracking tools: you can choose what works best for you, but here are some recommendations

  • Fitbit
  • Apple watch
  • Google Maps
  • Pedometer
  • Your phone

🏆Winners & Prizes: This challenge has a weekly winner & grand prize winner

  • Weekly winner: the teammate who walks the furthest distance per week will win a prize. We will announce the weekly winner each Tuesday in#announcement-people-talent-team
  • winner: the teammate who walks the most distance across all 11.5 weeks in will win a grand prize - stay tuned on the grand prize announcement! It’ll be good!

Note: all prizes purchased are paid for by United Healthcare as one of our benefit perks 😀

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