Our vision is to offer the fastest, most seamless way for development teams to bring Sourcegraph into their workflows, wherever they are.

  • “seamless way” → if Sourcegraph cloud is a method of deploying Sourcegraph, we’re solving the problem of “bringing Sourcegraph in,” not “making code search better.”
  • “development teams” → includes developers themselves, engineering managers, and the intersections with the rest of their org chart. Also steps away from the question of team scale, and encompasses all sizes of customer.
  • “into their workflows” → Sourcegraph cloud is more than and code search, and Sourcegraph cloud offers unique opportunities for integration into existing workflows in ways that self-hosted deployments might not be able to support.


  • Launch and land Sourcegraph Cloud for private code teams
    • 100 teams on the waitlist for closed beta (partnership with marketing)
    • Provide 20 PQLs for close
    • 1 customer contract signed under the new pricing model by Feb 1 (Partnership with commercial sales)a
  • Meet basic security and compliance requirements
    • Achieve SOC2 Type1 compliance, with timeline for SOC2 Type2 in 6 months
    • Be on track to be ready to onboard a company like Netlify and MSRB by June 2022
  • Become a data-driven team
    • All key steps of the customer journey, from extensions to to CTAs to self-hosted installation paths, are defined and each stage and conversion step is tracked
    • Uptime SLA of 99% for as reported by an internally available dashboard that does not require GCP access