Growth and Integrations team completed goals

This page records goals completed by the Growth and Integrations team historically (started recording in ). See also our current goals.

Since isn’t over yet, this is just a placeholder of things moved off the Growth and Integrations team goals page as we updated it. These will be reformated and complete at the end of

  1. Make Sourcegraph extensions a core part of Sourcegraph users’ experiences.

    1. ✅Track anonymized, general usage of extensions to determine which extensions are most successful at adding value for our users to inform our future work.
    2. ✅ Build, maintain, and update API endpoints that are robust and immediately useful, to grow adoption of extensions.
    3. 🔄 Make the extensions action bar clear and scalable, and help users discover and use our extensions. (Moved into )
  2. Increase the weekly active users of all our code host integrations.

    1. ✅ Maintain the existing native integrations and browser extensions.
    2. ✅ Build support for new code hosts and new browsers, like Safari and Gerrit.