Role of (open source code search) in revenue generation

Self-hosted installations present several barriers to entry, including the resources required to run it locally, lack of permissions to install the solution in company resources, and other friction points. in contrast represents an instantly available environment where users can evaluate the solution.

By optimizing the experience, the Growth team hopes to interest users in trying Sourcegraph with their private code. This interest should then generate leads to Self-hosted installations or Cloud sign-ups.

Additionally, represents a way to grow individual usage. We think individual developers are important for two reasons: Individual developers are our most common user profile. They work in companies that could be our customers and they have input as to the tools they use. If every prospective account had a chorus of individual users asking for Sourcegraph, our sales cycles would be dramatically reduced Optimizing the product solely for enterprise lead generation is a small bet. Optimizing the product to be useful for every developer is a large bet Sourcegraph should be useful for every developer