Batch Changes Metrics

We track and report anonymous, non-specific, aggregate metrics from Sourcegraph instances as defined in pings.

Key success metrics

We track success metrics in a (private) Looker dashboard.

Are developers using Batch Changes?number of batch changes created, number of changesets published
Are batch changes successful?merge rate of batch changes (changesets merged / changesets published)
Is Batch Changes being adopted broadly?number of monthly contributors and MAUs


  • Batch Changes MAU: A visitor who triggers any event happening on a Sourcegraph Batch Changes property in a given month. In practice, we do not track CLI events, so this effectively only includes events in the GUI, or uploading a spec.
  • Batch Changes monthly contributor: A user that has taken an action to create or manage a batch change in a given month. In practice, a user that has previewed, or applied or closed a batch change in a given month. New actions that are added in the future, such as comment, merge, publish will be added.
  • Active Batch Changes customer: A customer is considered as actively using Batch Changes if either:
    • they have created more than 5 batch changes in the last 90 days
    • or, they merged 100 changesets opened by Batch Changes in the last 90 days