Welcome to the Design Team!

Having gone though the Process St onboarding and the Product onboarding, it’s time for the Design onboarding!

Your perspective as both a new user of Sourcegraph and a new teammate is very valuable to us. Please keep notes on any issues you encounter as you are onboarding and learning the product. We’ll use those notes to improve the product and process.

Designer checklist

  • Add your name to the Project card designer list
  • Check if you’re added to the Design Team group on Slack. Join the design-related channels:
    • design
    • product-design-internal
    • accessibility
    • analytics-review
    • wildcard-components-library-wcl
    • hallway-testing
  • Make sure that your Name is set to your First and Last name on GitHub so that other teammates can easily indentify you. Go to GitHub -> Your profile -> Edit profile -> Fill out the ‘Name field’ -> Save
  • Add yourself as a designer to the handbook pages of the teams you’re working with. You can also add those teams to your Slack profile description, for ex. ‘Product Designer (Code Insights)’
  • Get familiar with the products that we use as inspirations for reference in the developer tools industry:
  • Add yourself to the design club meeting on Tuesdays
  • Read the Product Design team handbook content

Creating your first Figma project