Roles on the Product team

This page lists the roles on the product team.

  • Open product roles are listed on the company careers page.
  • Interview processes documentation has detailed steps for each role.
  • I have a Google Doc for each role with the full job description as backup in case of data loss from our applicant tracking system. These should be used for feedback from our team, and provide a backup data source. These docs are intentionally internal (please see the careers page linked above for open roles!). The docs are all located in this Google Drive folder.

Product Manager

Product Managers work with engineering, sales, marketing, and design to plan, ship, and grow usage and engagement in specific areas of our product.


You will own an area of the product* and:

  • Significantly grow usage and engagement of that area and Sourcegraph as a whole.
  • Collaborate with, support, and motivate their team to plan and build the solutions to customer problems.
  • Add value to the user by surfacing real problems and improving the user’s workflow as a developer.
  • Gather customer feedback to validate priorities, improve documentation, and define product requirements.
  • Make sure the development team is working on the most impactful things.
  • Maintain a roadmap, backlog, and curate and solicit feedback for your product team.
  • Communicate product ideas clearly by focusing on the problems that are being solved, the outcomes, and how we will measure success.
  • Be transparent in your internal and external communication. Sourcegraph is open source, so most discussions are public or in channels where you communicate directly with our customers.
  • Uphold your side of the PM – EM partnership responsibilities.

Product Designer

Product Designers work collaboratively with product and engineering to create a highly functional and beautiful experience that delights a technical audience.


  • Contribute to the overall strategy and decision-making about Sourcegraph’s features.
  • Drive continual progress towards a cohesive, delightful experience for a technical audience through iterative improvements.
  • Have the autonomy to facilitate conversations, identify problems, arrive at solutions, and execute designs.
  • Pull together insights to propose a variety of solutions, then collaborate with product and engineering to determine the best solutions to problems.
  • Use prototyping and usability testing to inform and validate designs.
  • Collaborate directly with customers to inform strategy and design decisions.
  • Play a key role in building design culture at Sourcegraph.

We will encourage and support you to:

  • Publish blog posts and give conference talks about your work at Sourcegraph.

Technical Writer

Technical Writers plan, create, revise, and maintain developer documents and educational content, working closely with the engineering, design, and marketing teams.


  • Plan, research, write, revise, and maintain technical documentation for internal or external engineering audiences.
  • Edit, clarify, and proofread documents written by others, and coach non-writers on ways to improve their writing skills.
  • Own
    • Make Sourcegraph documentation top-tier
    • Own the backlog of issues with the documentation
    • Assess quality of existing documentation:
      • It is clear and easy to read?
      • It is correct?
      • It is organized?
      • Are there great examples?
  • Support creation of videos
    • Surface needed topics
    • Write scripts for the videos
  • Support developers in creating documentation and technical blog posts based on their comfort level:
    • Interview a developer and create a draft, or
    • Edit copy written by the developer
  • Be a resource for other teams to create copy for:
    • Social media posts
    • Marketing blogs
    • Release blog post(s)
    • Website copy
    • Design and engineering copy

Director of Product

Directors lead, grow, and develop Product Managers.


  • Lead and support the work of multiple Product Managers who are focused on defining and leading key initiatives critical to the success of Sourcegraph.
  • Recruit, hire, and grow excellent Product Managers.
  • Model, teach, and apply our values in everyday interactions.
  • Facilitate and sustain a healthy, inclusive team culture where everyone is set up to do their best work

Director of Technical Writing