Optional Async Content Portfolio Assignment (Optional - Product Education Engineer)

Ideally, you’ll be able to share a portfolio of your work with us. However, we also understand not everyone can take examples of their work with them when they leave a company or share examples from their current role. If this is your situation, you can use this optional async writing assignment to show us how you create content.

The assignment is broken into two part. The first focuses on research and writing ability, while the second focuses on how you organize instructions and steps to create flow for a user.

We aren’t looking for perfection here so use this for guidance with regard to how long you should spend. Our recommendation is 30 in to 1 hour for each part, and recommend you don’t spend more than 3 hours in total.

Part 1: Research

Write 100-150 words on one of the following topics…

Describe the major differences between Docker and Kubernetes, why a company would choose one technology over the other, and how they would go about making that decision.

Describe the difference between literal search and search using regex, including an example from Sourcegraph.

Describe how git and GitHub pair together, their role in software development, and their relationship with the CLI.

How we score this part

  • High - the candidate picked a topic and wrote 2-3 clear, concise paragraphs on the chosen topic. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary are in line with a candidate that has written content for 5+ years.
  • Medium - the candidate wrote less or more than 2-3 paragraphs, and the reduction or additional content does not provide any additional insight on the topic. Minor grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and/or vocabulary errors are present.
  • Low - the candidatƒe was unable to write something cohesive within the constraints. There are major grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and/or vocabulary errors are present

Part 2: Technical Writing

Create a short set of instructions (1 page or less) showing how to use the command line and git to create a local project and push it to your GitHub account. Include a screenshot showing the new repository. For this assignment, you don’t need to worry about showing instructions for installing or configuring git, just those for creating and pushing the project.

How we score this part

  • High - the candidate provided about 4 clear steps and provided a screenshot of the completed task.
  • Medium - the candidate provided more instruction than necessary, though they were accurate and did provide a screenshot.
  • Low - the candidate’s instructions were not clear and/or the candidate did not provide a relevant screenshot.