Features available by deployment option

This page is intended as a reference of features by deployment option; each item will link you to our documentation. Items not listed here are available regardless of the deployment option. You may also be interested in seeing our code host compatibility matrix.

Deployment options

Code Intelligence

(Code Graph Strategy | Code Intelligence Strategy)

Product Manager: María Craig

FeatureSelf-hostedManaged instanceCloud
Search-based Code Intelligence✔️✔️✔️
Precise Code Intelligence for Go✔️✔️✔️
Precise Code Intelligence for JavaScript/TypeScriptPartially Available 🐣Partially Available 🐣Partially Available 🐣
Precise Code Intelligence for Java, Scala & Kotlin✔️✔️✔️
Precise Code Intelligence for C/C++Partially Available 🐣Partially Available 🐣Partially Available 🐣
Precise Code Intelligence auto-indexingExperimental 🔬Experimental 🔬Not Implemented 🔮

Batch Changes

(Code Graph Strategy | Batch Changes Strategy)

Product Manager: Malo Marrec

FeatureSelf-hostedManaged instanceCloud
Batch Changes✔️✔️Not Implemented 🔮
Server side batch changesExperimental 🔬Experimental 🔬Not Implemented 🔮

Code Insights

(Code Graph Strategy | Code Insights Strategy)

Product Manager: Joel Kwartler

FeatureSelf-hostedManaged instanceCloud
Code Insights✔️✔️Not Implemented 🔮