Product/Engineering/Customer Support Department Meeting

Our team is rapidly growing and we want to provide a forum to:

  • share department updates
  • drive alignment around our initiatives and strategy
  • celebrate wins and build engagement
  • provide everyone an opportunity to ask questions


  • All of product/engineering/customer support (& anyone else who wants to join!)


  • Once a quarter (meeting will be recorded for those who can’t attend live)

Format & content

  • A week prior to the meeting, we will send out content including updates from product, engineering, and customer support. As a follow up of consuming the content, there will be a Q&A Google doc to add your questions and upvote questions for leadership to answer live at the meeting.

    • The video update may contain: OKR progress updates, org updates, new processes, guest speakers from other departments, etc.
  • 1 hr live Q&A session

    • Live Q&A is meant to foster conversation and discussion.

    • Please consume content in advance of the meeting and submit your questions via the Q&A doc before the call to maximize value of time spent synchronously.

    • Reminder that your questions can be about anything related to Sourcegraph or product/engineering/customer support (it doesn’t have to be specifically about the content provided).

    • You can start adding your questions and/or comments to the Q&A doc a week before the live Q&A session so people can view and upvote.

    • Preface your question with your full name (first and last name) or “anonymous” if you prefer to remain unknown.

    • If someone submitted a question you want to upvote add “+1” next to it so we can prioritize questions accordingly.

    • During the Q&A please add additional information and comments to the Q&A doc vs. Zoom chat so people not attending live can also benefit.

    • You can continue to add questions to the end of the queue in the Q&A doc as the live Q&A is taking place.

    • If we don’t get through all the questions during the live Q&A, they will get answered async in the Q&A doc.


The meeting recording and notes will be posted on Slack on #prod-eng-announce after the meeting finishes.

See our company communication page for additional communication resources.