Sourcegraph’s design principles

Sourcegraph’s product design principles are how we express our shared vision and values while designing for our product. We use our principles to:

  • To help our team make consistent decisions.
  • To provide constraints that lead to better outcomes.
  • To resolve ambiguity when faced with options that provide value among different dimensions.
  • To build a shared vision across our design and product team.

Our principles were co-created with members of the design, product, and frontend application teams, and benefit:

  • Designers.
  • Product managers.
  • Engineers.
  • Marketing.
  • And other stakeholders involved in the design process.

Our principles

  • A personal tool within a larger workflow
    Sourcegraph is a powerful yet personal tool that exists within a larger workflow. Design for familiar patterns with thoughtful defaults, while embracing personalization and adaptability.

  • Made for everyone
    Our purpose is to make it so everyone can code. This demands we make Sourcegraph accessible and useful for all developers through universal, inclusive design.

  • Gracefully manage complexity
    Sourcegraph supports complex product requirements, but also empowers users to manage this complexity for their individual needs.

  • Code as content
    More time is spent reading than writing code. Elevate the craft of code as content.

  • Trust is earned
    Sourcegraph is the source of truth, but this trust is earned. Accuracy, transparency, recency, and honesty together work to uphold this source of truth.

  • Create momentum
    Help developers create and maintain flow. To do this, Sourcegraph must be fast in every way. We design purposefully to help users iterate and build momentum.