Design project templates

Designers at Sourcegraph use design project templates to help standardize their workflow and record artifacts generated during the design process. Standardizing workflow across teams helps designers leverage the experience of the entire design team and reduces friction in planning. When designers use a template to record the artifacts and resulting decisions generated by their process, the issue can serve as a central place to access all assets and inform future decisions.

It is important to note that a template is not a prescriptive set of requirements for a project. As each project is different, the designer and their team will determine the best route to success.

Selecting a scope of work for a project (and the corresponding template) requires communication with team members and an understanding of two key factors:

  • The amount of risk involved in the feature
  • The confidence the designer and team have in a proposed solution or hypothesis

Generally, the higher the risk involved in the effort and the lower confidence, the larger the project should be.