Team rituals

As an asynchronous-first, globally-distributed design team, our team rituals help bring us together as a design team and build stronger trust, physiological safety, and connections.

Figjam async updates

Each week we all update the team Figjam board with a Loom, link to GitHub issues, and calls for review or input. We also try to include a photo of something pretty or delicious 😋

Design sync

The design sync is our weekly sync to help us keep the pulse of product design at Sourcegraph. We use this time to:

  • Share updates and highlights, and request feedback on work in progress
  • Discuss design-related issues with peers
  • Reflect on how we work as a product design team
  • Stay inspired

We alternate this each week between different timezones, to ensure everyone can participate.


We run team retrospectives on a monthly basis to help us continuously learn and improve. We focus mainly on collaboration and our processes.