Visual design checklist

This checklist is intended to be suggestions and important considerations when finalizing a design artifact, rather than a prescriptive list of requirements.

This checklist ensures that our designs are consistent, accessible, and optimized for developer handoff.

Visual design checklist

  • Ensure spacing is consistent and matches the 8pt grid system
  • Ensure text, colors and other styles match and use existing styles in Wildcard, if possible.
  • Review designs for accessibility:
    • Color blindness check
    • Contrast check should meet AA standard for small text
  • Create dark mode compositions, if there are not existing dark mode designs in Wildcard
  • Consider preparing redlines or an interaction delivery writeup for the following:
    • Margin and padding
    • Animation
    • Keyboard behavior
  • Provide mockups to support the responsive behaviour. Even though the number of mobile and tablet visitors is relatively low, resizing the browser window to 1/2 and 1/3 width is a common use case. In addition, our objective is to provide a fully responsive platform. Note that there is no need to create a responsive version of every mockup. It’s enough to include selected layouts that may be challenging to translate to smaller screen sizes.
    • If responsive behavior is an important consideration to your designs, describe expected behavior of layout for tablet and mobile screensizes

User experience considerations

Improvements to the Sourcegraph user experience should consider the following in every change:

  • Light mode / Dark mode
  • Enterprise / Cloud
  • Signed in vs. anonymous user
  • User permissions and security
  • Interactive mode / plain text mode
  • Has the change’s effect on the CLI been considered?
    • Does the language in the UI map to the language in the CLI?
    • Does the documentation reflect the change?