Product Management and Product Marketing

Product Management and Marketing must work closely together to successfully create and launch products. Because of this, it’s important to be clear on what the shared and unique responsibilities are within the working relationship.

Product Marketing is DRIProduct Management is DRI
Customer-first with orientation towards marketCustomer-first with orientation towards product and engineering
Providing important market context to the roadmapDefining the roadmap
Receives new product info and product updates from product management teamsDelivers new product info and product updates to product marketing team
Responsible for aligning product packaging and messaging with market demandsResponsible for aligning product requirements with market demands
Defines key value props and messaging of new and updated products to sales, marketing, and support teamsDelivers technical aspects of new and updated products to product marketing team
Closest allies are product management, marketing, and salesClosest allies are the development team, customer support, customer engineering, and product marketing

Shared areas of ownership where both teams contribute are:

Since we have the same goal of launching products that drive adoption and revenue, we don’t experience a lot of conflict over the shared ownership. When we do, though, we use the clean escalation process to get to the best decision.