User journey mapping


Sourcegraph’s approach to user journey mapping is decentralized and just-in-time. In practice this means that no one team owns a central user journey map. Instead, they are created as needed and in support of an outcome (as opposed to creating one as an artifact to just have around) because user journey maps:

  • differ based on the persona, level of detail, start and end, and ultimately the specific needs and goals of projects utilizing them.
  • start to slowly become out of date the second they are finished.

Creating a map

You’re ready to create a user journey map when you’ve defined the following:

  • The outcome this map is in support of:
  • Persona (most likely from our current personas
  • Start and end (e.g. invitation email from admin to activated):
  • Level of detail (e.g. discovery -> education -> adoption OR ad -> landing page -> first search):
  • Participants:
  • Miro/Figma file (or take inspiration from already completed maps):
  • Facilitator:

Completed user journey maps