Product design sync

The product and design team meets weekly to discuss the most important cross-team product topics that need synchronous conversations. The meeting is on Thursday at 8 AM PT / 3 PM UTC. The meeting is recorded and recordings are posted to the #product channel.

Also see the sync notes.

Working agreements

This meeting has a large attendance. To make it work, we use the following working agreements:

  • We have a rotation for facilitating the sync. The facilitator is responsible for:
    • making sure topics to discuss are added to the doc prior to the meeting (see below)
    • time keeping
    • moderating conversations and in particular pushing topics that are only useful to a few people to async or a follow-up
  • At least 24 hours prior to the meeting (before Wednesday 8AM PT / 3 PM UTC), participants list out topics to discuss at the top of the sync doc.
  • The day before the meeting, participants can write down their ideas in the doc, and discuss async. This prep work will make the meeting more efficient by making sure we have as much context as possible before joining.
  • We take 2 min at the beginning of the meeting to vote on the topics to discuss, 3 votes per person.
  • We discuss each topic for 5 min max. After 5 min, we run a quick show of hands to extend the discussion by 5 additional minutes. This allows us to be intentional about the time needed for a topic.