The Sales team represents us and our values to customers, bringing back dollars and feedback to help us grow.



See roles page.


See finance definitions for definitions of financial terms such as ARR, IARR, bookings and more.


A customer is an organization with a Sourcegraph subscription contract that has not ended.

  1. We can only publicly mention the names of customers who have explicitly agreed to be referenceable.
    • Customers mentioned on (by logo and/or case study) are referenceable.
    • If in doubt about whether another customer is referenceable by name, ask in #sales.
  2. If an organization’s contract will start in the future, they are still considered a customer. (This can happen when we agree to have a contract start on the next 1st of the month because that makes life easier for a customer, for example.)

Open pipeline

Open pipeline is the sum of all Opportunities that are in Stage 1 or greater, for a specific time period.

Qualified pipeline

Qualified pipeline is the sum of all Opportunities that are in Stage 2 or greater, for a specific time period.

Weighted pipeline

Weighted pipeline is the sum of all Opportunity iARR values, multiplied by the probability % by associated stage.

Win rate

Win rate is the percentage of deals closed that were Closed Won (the prospect converted to a paying customer).

Calculation: # of deals closed won / (# of deals closed won + # of qualified deals closed lost)

Close rate

Close rate is the ratio of deals that were Closed Won to deals qualified within the same period.

Calculation: # of deals closed won / # of deals qualified in the period

Revenue Kickoff

Revenue Kickoff is an annualevent held in February for our Revenue Teams (Sales, Technical Success). The main objectives is to motivate our team, define our strategy for the year; and celebrate wins.

Sales Accepted Opportunity (SAO)

Sales Accepted Opportunities are where ALL of the following are true:

  • We have completed an intro call/meeting with the company/contact
  • Company/contact has identified at least one application of a core use case tied to a ‘why now’ event
  • Contact can be a potential champion or coach for the specific use case(s)
  • Company has 500+ Developers, is a company that has potential to grow to that scale, or is a company that has a specific pain point that Sourcegraph can uniquely solve
  • Company/contact agrees to a specific/objective next step Any Opportunity that is moved into the Qualification Stage or beyond is automatically tagged as Sales Accepted Opportunity in Salesforce
  • For examples of the above criteria, please see this presentation

Multiple Sales Accepted Opportunities (SAOs) within the same account:

It is acceptable to create multiple opportunities within the same account. SDR crediting will apply under the following circumstances:

  • The new SAO has a new Primary Contact
  • The new Primary Contact was not referred by an existing Primary Contact
  • There have been no Closed Won opportunities within the past 30 days
  • All SAO criteria is met for the newly created opportunity

Target Opportunity Profile:

SDRs should focus on identifying and setting meetings for the AE team that meet the following criteria:

Relevant contact (potential champion or coach) that is aware of / understands code search in some capacity (has used Sourcegraph or another code search tool like OpenGrok, has worked for Google/Facebook and used their tool)


Title/role includes Director+ developer productivity, developer experience, API services, distinguished eng, platform engineer.


Company has 500+ Developers, is a company that has potential to grow to that scale, or is a company that has a specific pain point that Sourcegraph can uniquely solve

Target Account

Target Accounts are prospective customer accounts that the AE/SDR has specifically identified as priority accounts for outbound prospecting efforts.

Target Accounts can be easily identified in Salesforce by the “Target Account” field designation. To make any updates to this field on a particular account, please contact your manager.

AE can trade a targeted account for an unassigned account with managers approval. Must be in writing and sent to the Manager. If the Manager accepts trade/Account will be transferred to AE. AE’s SDR will be assigned automatically to account and should be notified of the change in ownership.


See also the MQL (marketing-qualified lead) definition.

See Our Stages and the reasoning behind them.

Maintaining customer spreadsheets

Maintaining Server Installers to Company List and Server to Company List spreadsheets for every new company on a trial and new customers.

These are used as join tables in Looker, and are important to connect instance data to a specific customer.

Sales Career Development

Visit this page to learn more about Sales career development.