Demand Generation

The Demand Generation at Sourcegraph is focused on building engagement with our end users and customers. We exist to share the value of Sourcegraph, create interest in our products, and support a healthy pipeline for sales. We do this by partnering with marketing and sales to develop campaigns, activation strategies, and measurement plans to ensure we’re presenting the most valuable information to the right audience at the right time with demonstrable results.

Our Strategy

Be Delightful

Developers are a fiercely loyal audience. Creating affinity and trust is the hardest part for a dev-focused business so that’s the part we’re going to focus on. We firmly believe that focusing our efforts on delighting the people who interact with us will result in the highest long term yields as a business.

Our strategy is to put the people we’re talking to at the center of the experience. From unknown visitor through to known contact, sales engagement, and post-purchase - our goal is to be delightful. For more on our thoughts about delight and demand, check out the minifesto (internal link).

What does “be delightful” look like in practice?

Reduce Friction - between the developer and the product, between the site visitor and the thing they’re looking for, between the prospect and sales

Provide value - in the form of information and educational opportunities, connection and access to like-minded folks, and entertainment whenever possible

Have respect - for our audience’s time, attention, and personal information

Be transparent - with how we’re using our audience’s information, what to expect from us, and how to opt out at any time

How we’re organized

The Demand Generation team is organized into two functional groups: Campaigns and Operations.

The Campaigns group is primarily responsible for the strategy and activation of our demand generation campaigns across multiple marketing channels.