Account Based Experience

Demand Generation

Account Based Experience (ABX) focuses on using a variety of best marketing practices to create personalized brand connection fueled by intent data and predictive analytics.

Our marketing approach is simple: make Sourcegraph valuable and accessible to every developer, team, and company.

Four Pillars of ABX ๐Ÿ›

Supporting our ABX Program are four pillars used to help create a baseline program structure.

Identify which accounts should be considered Strategic Accounts. These accounts will help us prioritize where we will focus our time, resources, and spend.Focus our efforts on tried and true orchestration campaigns to help us understand how our platform can best serve current and potential customers.Combine timely data and visibility to enable meaningful conversation at the right time. If an account has clicked on many of our ads and spent a lot of time learning on our site, this is the great time for a team member to reach out and see how they can help.Standardized campaign performance metrics, revenue attribution, and everything in between to measure success and report to marketing and sales leadership.

Roles & Responsibilities ๐Ÿ‘ฅ

Meet the team

Olivia Simpson Program Manager, Demand Generation

  • Develops and implements marketing plans and strategy
  • Manages and executes ABX campaigns

Program Summary ๐Ÿ“ข

ABX is broken up into two program types: Strategic and Programmatic. By breaking down target accounts into tiers, we can prioritize alignment between sales and marketing. We can also provide a scalable personalized focus to a subset of sales-nominated accounts, while ensuring lighter personalized air cover to the rest of our target list.

Recurring Meetings

Initial Focus Session An initial kickoff between Demand Gen, AE, and SDR to review the account(s).

Bi-Weekly Review Activation discussion, program check-in, and metrics review.

ABX Spring Session This is an optional monthly AMA session where intent data, metrics, and current performance will be shared with anyone who attends. This meeting will give sales reps a chance to ask questions and share highlights.

Account Types

Strategic ABX (1:1) are a subset of target accounts nominated by sales. These accounts include accounts with stronger strategic value and needed investment. Currently limited to 8 accounts.

Programmatic ABX (1:Few, 1:Many) are all accounts from the target account list not part of Strategic ABX.

Strategic ABX

Each Strategic Account will be placed into a custom marketing plan. This plan will be agreed upon and created by both the sales account executive and demand gen team. Each plan will be created individually by sales and marketing. Plans are divided into three parts: reach, personalize, and measure.

All strategic accounts will receive 2 custom ads to help create a baseline intent report in Triblio. Ad themes and content will be a collaborative effort after the initial focus session.Each account will have 1 active personalized campaign at a time using a program or tactic selected during the initial focus session.An initial 360 metric report will be pulled for each strategic account at the start of each quarter via Triblio. If no valid data is present, this step will be skipped. This report will be pulled again at the end of the first campaign to determine reach and impact.

Programmatic ABX

All target accounts not part of Strategic ABX will receive light personalized ads based on content pillar use cases and current programs. These ads will differ from generic ad campaigns, as they will be tailored to help potential customers more closely identify team and organizational needs, get direct access to our platform, and receive more opportunities for hands-on experiences and customer engineer workflows.

Roadmap Segmented campaigns by region, vertical, persona, etc.

Plans can be found here [internal-only]

Programs Offered

The following list includes examples of the types of plays or tactical actions used for all account tiers.

Currently available

  • Display advertising
  • Intent data report (requires targeted ads)
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Virtual
  • Event
  • 3rd-Party initiatives

Roadmap: Future goals

  • Free trial incentives
  • Custom content
  • Content syndication
  • Drift & 6Sense Intent Data
  • โ€œVIPโ€ digital and live events (workshop, field events, training, webinar, etc.)
  • Web personalization and Hero banner

Process for Sales team members ๐Ÿš€

Step 1: Nominate

The nomination period will begin two weeks prior to the upcoming quarter. Invites will be sent to sales to begin this process and accounts will be reviewed by sales leadership and marketing to determine top priorities.

Fill out the Account Nomination Sheet. [internal-only] To be completed by Sales rep for reveiw by Sales leadership and Demand Generation.

What type of account should I nominate? Account is high priority for sales and meets at least one criteria below:

  • Account has a champion willing to drive awareness
  • History of engagement and responsiveness from multiple team members
  • Current opportunity with ongoing communication; any stage
  • Has had an initial meeting with another on the calendar
  • Has an upcoming renewal needing expansion support

Step 2: Strategize

An account overview survey will be sent out to the AE and SDR to help us understand how we can best support.

Step 3: Measure

An intent report will be generated for each strategic account for the initial kick-off session. After the kick-off call, Reps will be given access to Triblio and be shown how to access reports and dashboards in subsequent 1:1s.

How do we measure success? ๐Ÿ“ถ

Our first measurement of success if by bridging the gap that occurs frequently between Sales and Marketing. If weโ€™re holding regular meetings and reporting on whatโ€™s working and whatโ€™s not, weโ€™re on the right track. For more tangible data, we will look at traditional pipeline measurements such as creation, velocity, deal size, revenue etc..


  • Leads
  • Pipeline created
  • Pipeline Influence
  • Revenue
  • Avg. Deal Size
  • Velocity
  • Increase in IARR

Note: This page is a constantly evolving guide to ABX at Sourcegraph. We will continue to add more and update as the program grows! If you have a suggestion or improvement or just want to talk ABX strategy, please email Olivia Simpson