My view on demand generation

In my experience, demand generation is often a misunderstood team/process within the average company. People just assume demand = leads, and while it’s true that we do help produce leads, what people fail to realize is we’re here to make a user say “I can’t live without Sourcegraph”. It’s our responsibility to introduce the brand/product and get them interested enough to try it. Demand generation doesn’t end when they click through to try it though. We have to continue to generate demand by onboarding them so they know how to use the product, and then (if we’ve done everything correctly) they say “take my money!”

Preferred learning styles

I’m a visual learner. Seeing examples in real-time helps my mind start thinking “how I can use this moving forward” and also helps me generate specific questions rather than broad questions. I also enjoy reading, so feel free to send me articles or book suggestions!

Communication style

When collaborating with others, I tend to shift my style to whatever the other person/the group prefers. When communicating with me, I prefer to have up-front and honest conversations. I work better when receiving feedback in real-time, it helps me address things in the moment or think through how I can improve something/myself.

How I manage my calendar

Because of family life, my working hours are the typical 9am–5pm ET. I try to block off ‘focus time’ to make sure that I have time to hunker down and get stuff done! That being said, if you see focus time on my calendar, feel free to invite me to a meeting and I’ll accept or decline based on what I’m working on. I often check in via Slack once my daughter is sleeping and we’ve eaten dinner, however I’ll typically only respond if it’s an emergency or pressing issue that needs a response ASAP or if it excites me.

Preferred way to collaborate

I prefer meeting with people to get the creative juices flowing (a good old fashioned brainstorm!), but I know that’s not always possible. I’m still getting used to the world of RFCs, but I do find them helpful. I also think a Slack conversation/thread is a great way to collaborate.

How I approach problems

I usually take time to fully understand the problem before addressing it. You’ll notice that during meetings where a problem is uncovered, I’ll tend to remain quiet (although I might ask a couple questions). It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I’m taking everything in, trying to understand the problem, and then think through how/if I can help fix the problem.

Preferred way to be recognized/appreciated

I don’t have a preference. If you think I need to be recognized or appreciated, then go about it the way you prefer.

Thoughts/feelings/preferences when it comes to asking for help

When I’m asking for help, I’ll come to you with the general ask and as much information as possible if you decide that you can be of help. If you’re asking me for help, feel free to reach out in whatever way you prefer. If I can’t help, I’ll try to find the person/channel that can assist you.

What I find enjoyable at work

I enjoy when ideas or results are shared. I also like brainstorming with people across all different functions.

What kind of work do I find easiest to do when

I’m more creative in the later half of the week, so I tend to focus on creative tasks on Thursdays or Fridays. Outside of that, I don’t really have many preferences.

How do I feel about getting messages after/outside of hours that are meant for me to see and respond to during active hours

Feel free to send me a Slack/email/document comment after my “working hours”. I may respond to it after hours, however that’s not the norm as I try to set clear boundaries between working hours and my personal time.

How folks can best show up for me when I seem off

If I seem off, just ask! I may not be aware that I seem off, and if there’s nothing wrong I’d like to fix that. If there is something wrong I’ll either share what’s wrong or just acknowledge that I’m having a rough day and move on.

Things I am aware of that trigger anxious feelings/feelings of less than at work

None that I can think of.

Marketing areas of knowledge

Email marketing, marketing automation/marketing automation tools, copywriting, A/B testing, conversational marketing (chatbots)

Marketing areas of interest to learn

Google Display Network

Current personal project

Reconfiguring my office space and a garage reorg.

Something I fear


A quote I like

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years..

Abraham Lincoln

How I eat fries

With ketchup/BBq sauce/aioli. I also don’t shy away from a truffle fry

My sun, moon, and rising signs

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what this means