Sales team onboarding quiz

To take this quiz:

  1. Copy this list of questions to a new Google Doc.
  2. Write an answer for each question.
  3. Share the doc with your manager and add a link to the doc from your 1-1 doc with your manager.
  4. Schedule time with your manager to review your answers.
    • Your manager will also ask related questions to help make sure you understand the subject matter beyond the written answers.

When formulating your answer, assume the audience is a new Sourcegraph teammate who is asking you the question on their first day. The goal of this quiz is to test your actual knowledge of these topics, not to demonstrate sales or pitching abilities. Most of these questions can be answered in 1–2 sentences.

This quiz is not a high-stakes pass-or-fail test. Try your best, and when you review your answers with your manager, be open about where you’re confused or unsure. If your answers are incorrect, your manager will help you learn the necessary background information to get the answer correct.


  1. What is Git?
  2. What is a repository?
  3. What is a code host?
  4. Which code hosts does Sourcegraph support?
  5. What is a diff?
  6. What is a commit?
  7. What is a branch?
  8. What is code review?
  9. What is a pull request? What is the same concept called on GitLab?
  10. What is Docker?
  11. What is Kubernetes?
  12. What is a (code) library?
  13. What is a (code) dependency?
  14. What is a microservice?
  15. What is a monorepo?
  16. What is an API?
  17. What does it mean to refactor code?
  18. What does it mean to reuse code instead of rewriting it?
  19. What does it mean to deprecate legacy code?
  20. What does it mean for code or projects to be “backend” vs. “frontend”?
  21. Which cloud providers can Sourcegraph run on?
  22. What are the most popular programming languages?
  23. What programming languages does Sourcegraph support?
  24. What does “open source” mean?
  25. Is Sourcegraph open source?
  26. What does it mean for Sourcegraph to be “self-managed”?
  27. Does Sourcegraph support single sign-on user authentication?
  28. Does Sourcegraph respect repository permissions defined on the code host?
  29. Does Sourcegraph need access to my organization’s code to work?
  30. Can a single developer in an organization set up Sourcegraph, or do they usually need approval from their manager and/or legal?
  31. What is the difference between the open source version of Sourcegraph and the paid tiers of Sourcegraph?
  32. At what point do organizations need to start paying to use Sourcegraph?
  33. What is the difference between and self-managed instances of Sourcegraph?
  34. Can an organization use with their private code?
  35. How often do new releases of Sourcegraph ship?
  36. Does Sourcegraph integrate with GitHub?
  37. Does Sourcegraph integrate with GitLab?
  38. Does Sourcegraph integrate with Bitbucket Server?
  39. What does the Sourcegraph browser extension do?
  40. Does Sourcegraph have an API?
  41. What is the fastest way for a developer to try Sourcegraph on their organization’s internal code?
  42. What is monthly active user billing? How are users counted?