How and when to engage with security

Security questionnaires

The CE team should take the first pass on inbound questionnaires using the list of reference questionnaires we have collected in our shared drive and our “Knowledge Base” in our Security Trust Portal (

Once the first pass is done, sign up for a security questionnaire review in this signup sheet.

💡 Top Tip! Add a search engine to Chrome to specifically search the folder of reference questionnaires.

  1. Go into the Chrome settings
  2. Go to “Managed Search Engines”
  3. Add a new one
  4. Name it “Search security questionnaires”, give it shortcut you’ll remember, and a URL of
  5. Open a new tab and type your shortcut, then a space, then the search term you want to find!

Customer security questions

If customers have specific security questions, first run them by the #ce slack channel. If nobody has context, or we’re unsure of how to phrase things, follow the guidance here to engage with the Security team.