Value Engineering & Sales Enablement

As the VE & SE practice grows here at Sourcegraph, our charter is to help generate revenue, empower our AEs to maximize their potential as a sales force, and provide the entire Sales organization the tools and training to execute at a world-class level.


Value Engineering Team Charter

  • Interview prospective customers in the early stages of a deal to help build a joint business case with them in close partnership with Account Executives (AEs) and Customer Engineers (CEs)
  • Build outside-in business cases to support later stages of a deal working with the account team (AE + CE) without any customer interviews and instead utilizing publicly available information, and benchmarks from industry / other customers
  • Help support a challenging customer renewal with a value realized estimation exercise
  • Present business cases to economic buyers
  • Provide guidance on how to structure the commercials of a complicated deal in line with a business case that they’ve helped build
  • Work with marketing teams in building out the value components of customer case studies (could be outside-in or interview based)
  • Assist account teams with deal strategy and identify need for business cases in their pipeline, acting as a deal qualification sounding board
  • Help generate proof-points and customer stories with multiple layers of metrics depth
  • [WIP] Establish a scaled value engineering skillset in the company through incorporation into career ladders and associated learning tracks, in particular for CE teams
  • Work with Product teams as early as ideation and Product Requirement Document (PRD) phases to incorporate the language of expected value to delivered from new capabilities / products, and support the team during customer interviews and research
  • Provide guidance to Engineering on direct & proxy measures that track customer value & success to be incorporated both as tracking capabilities as well as features themselves to allow customers to be exposed to realized value directly in product
  • Contribute to pricing & packaging strategy ensuring that they scale with value delivered to customers, minimizing long term price-to-value challenges as the company grows
  • Assist in designing how data should be captured and exchanged between all of the company’s operational systems that are related to customer value, including product analytics, CRM, demand generation, and customer success

Sales Enablement Team Charter

  • Provide the Sales team with the resources they need to generate and close more deals—including content, tools, knowledge, and information to effectively sell to our prospects and customers.
  • Manage the Sales Onboarding Program and continually update based on current trends and content
  • More to come…..

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