Key prospecting inputs

Assessing prospecting efforts by rep, team, and account

  • General Prospecting KPIs: Links to all relevant prospecting dashboards currently in Looker.
  • Prospecting by AE: Outlines outbound activity at owned accounts by AE to highlight current account penetration.

Engaged prospects

Determining which accounts are already engaged with Sourcegraph

  • Account Level Lead Stats Dashboard: Toggle the filters on the top left of the dashboard to see how a specific rep or team’s owned accounts are engaging with Sourcegraph products and content as well as how reps are engaging with prospects through outbound messaging. Click into specific numbers to determine which prospects have engaged.
  • Open Pipeline: Displays all accounts with at least 1 open qualified opportunity. Use Opportunity Type filter at the top of dashboard to exclude select opportunity types.

New outbound prospects

Determining which accounts should be prioritized for targeted outreach

  • Best Accounts for Prospecting: Displays all non-customer assigned accounts with no open qualified opportunities and at least one engaged lead (i.e., lead is part of some type of SG campaign - free product sign-up, demo request, content download, etc.).

Determining what outreach is already working

  • Outreach Sequence Dashboard: Displays message performance (e.g., bounce/open/reply rate) for all Outreach sequences used within the past 3 months. Change the “Sequence Name” filter in the top left to see performance by specific sequence names.

Overall pipeline