How to record emails, calls, and notes

The source of truth for our communications with customers is Salesforce.

  • All emails interacting with a customer must be logged to Salesforce (either by using Einstein Activity Capture or by manually adding the email to the relevant object). To set up Einstein Activity Capture you can read this article or watch this video.
  • Notes from all phone calls with customers should be logged in Salesforce. The call notes should be logged to the Opportunity, rather than the Contact or Account.

Non-Sales team members should also log communication with customers. In particular, the product team should BCC both Salesforce and HubSpot on emails, and log other forms of communication (such as a call) in Salesforce.

  • If you have a Salesforce account, set up an Email to Salesforce email address and BCC it on client emails. Alternatively, you can fully connect your email via Einstein Activity Capture, but this is much more involved and not encouraged for Product team members.
  • If you do not have a Salesforce account, you can ask in #it-tech-ops for a Salesforce account.

Use these instructions to find your HubSpot BCC email.