Sales Resources

Google drive is the main repository for sales resources and the sales folder can be found here

Frequently Requested Files

Please reach out to Deal Desk if you require assistance in completing the vendor onboaring process for our new customers, or if you require any information that is not included above. You can forward any correspondence to, or you can connect with the Deal Desk team on the #deal-desk channel. Where a vendor directs you to complete vendor onboarding templates, or complete detail on a vendor onboarding portal, deal desk are happy to assist.

Sales Templates

Sales templates for common use cases can be found in Sales Template folder. Below are the ones which are currently available:

Order Forms and MSAs:

Partner Contracts:

Other Resources:


Please do not edit the templates directly – create a copy and place it in a different location to work on. Non-template files located in the Sales Template folder will be periodically relocated.

Updating Templates

To update a template place the new template in the main Sales Template folder, name the file (beginning with the date format YYYY.MM.DD) then move the old template into the Template Archive folder. Update the appropriate handbook link to the new template.

Customer Notes

Where to Store Customer Notes and Documents:

  • Create Folder in the ‘Customer Notes’ Shared Folder Here
  • Naming Convention for Folder: “Customer/Prospect Name”—then # customer or # prospect (see folder for examples)
  • Within that folder, add all of your documents and notably, your running notes google document (which you’ll link to the Salesforce opportunity in the designated field)
  • If you’d like to save this folder into your own drive, that’s simple and welcomed. Simply right click on the folder, then select ‘Add Shortcut to Drive’—then choose the preferred destination where you’d like this to land within your ‘My Drive’

Note: Salesforce is the communication and document source of truth for our Sales Team. Upload all docs (contracts, etc) to Salesforce and the customer’s folder in the Customer contracts folder on GDrive as well.

Sales Content

Other useful sales content (including survey results, more sales and analyst decks, a one-pager, and more) can be found in the Sales Content folder