Site-admin access to internal instances

Site-admin access to internal instances (dotcom, s2, rctest, demo, k8s) is provided through an auto-approved Entitle workflow. It will create a short-lived admin account that lasts 1h. Removing long-lived admin accounts largely reduces the risk of compromised credentials across our instances.

How it works

New direct method

Site-admin access can now be granted instantly using our new Entitler service. You can request the bundle by typing /access_request in Slack and in the ‘Search permission’ box type ‘dotcom’. You will see the set ‘Dotcom direct site-admin’. Set your desired duration, make sure you add a nice justification and you’re good to go! Access should be granted in less than a minute and will be granted to your normal Dotcom account. Just refresh your session and you’re good to go!

Click here to request access now.

If you have any issues with the integration, please drop a message in #discuss-security.