Secure coding training

This document contains required and optional reading materials for software engineers at Sourcegraph.

Secure coding guidelines

We have internal secure coding guidelines published. Here you will find examples of how to prevent certain vulnerabilities. It is mandatory for a software engineer to have read the guidelines.

After having read the guidelines, please complete the Continue item ‘Secure Coding - Assessment’.

Optional resources

Backend specific resources

Snyk has published free security lessons. These lessons help you get familiar with certain vulnerabilities and bug-classes.

The Open Web Application Security Project has published a book about security practices for Go. It includes source code samples and is available as markdown or PDF: OWASP Go-SCP.

Frontend specific resources


Recommended reading materials for React: - Snyk - Top 10 React security best practices:


Recommended Javascript lesson about preventing DOM based cross-site scripting and ReDoS: - - DOM XSS - ReDoS