What is it?

Entitle is an authentication and access management system. It is a cloud based application that automates access requests, approvals, and revocation of permissions based on custom policies. All this can be done via Slack with a simple command “/entitle”.

Why Entitle?

After reviewing many options available on the market for permission management, Entitle stood out as a clear innovator in the field. Entitle has deep integrations with various applications that we currently use. We have been working closely with them since our first Sourcegraph Merge to get integrations setup and polish the user interface.

There are many security concerns that come with Identity and Access Management. Entitle helps address many of them for us, including:

  • No need for indefinite access to sensitive information
  • Auto expiration of access based on time-bound requests
  • Audit log of all requests and actions taken
  • Granular access means no more over-provisioned permissions
  • Granular access means only access to relevant data

Entitle also gives us advantages over the current request process. It allows for:

  • Self-service request process
  • Automatic approval gathering process
  • Time based permissions
  • Granular access to only necessary information
  • Quicker request completion time
  • Full log of request, approvals, grants and revocations

How to request access via Entitle

How to Guide