What we do

Making sure that we release our product without high or critical vulnerabilities

  • We scan our containers and IaC as defined in the CI/CD Pipeline Vulnerability Scanning section below.
  • As part of the release process, we will conduct a full scan of our product using Trivy and Checkov.
  • Any high and critical vulnerabilities will need to be addressed before releasing.
  • The artifacts from the scans are then archived.

Improving and investing in our product’s security

We’re always happy for teams to request security code reviews. Besides directly looking at code to improve our security, we also:

  • Keep growing our security team to expand, develop and mature the security program
  • Embed new security practices to improve our secure SDLC
  • Continue with improving our internal security training for developers
  • Have a security ambassador program where a security engineer is involved in the early stages of the design of new features to give input and help identifying potential weaknesses of the product
  • Have developed a new vulnerability management process which will limit the number of open vulnerabilities as we will have a much closer follow up with a new SLA

Monitoring and incident response

Risk management

The Security team manages risk via the Information Security Risk Management Policy and the underlying risk management process.