Don Ellison

View on Customer Support

Customer Support is vital for the longevity of a successful company. It is the bridge that connects the knowledge and guidance needed for issues to those who are having issues.The result is a satisfied customer and a favorable business.

Preferred learning style

Hands-on. I learn more effectively when i am able to actually try out what is being learned

Communication style

Friendly, Respectful, and Caringly

Collaboration style

Inquisitive , Objective, Avid Contributor

Approach to problems

Break a problem down to its root to eliminate as much confusion as possible. Then do the necessary thinking/research to know a potential solution to the problem. If the solution doesn’t work I attempt a few more before reaching out to others for help.

Preferred way to be recognized

Through personal communication vs. in a group setting

What I enjoy at work

A more than supportive team all striving towards a common goal, the flexibility of a remote job, the chance to be the reason someone is satisfied with us

Thoughts on asking for help

Remove pride from your feelings and it gets much easier to ask for help. Asking for help makes people better people and there is no shame in getting help

Feelings to receiving messages outside work hours

Not preferred but if its urgent/important its acceptable

How to show up when I’m feeling off

Be courteous and respectful

Things that make me anxious

Uncooperative people, being given to much of a workload

Technical areas of knowledge

Frontend Development Some Backend technologies

Technical interests to learn

Command Terminal Shortcuts Kubernetes Cloud servers Google Ad sense

Current personal project

Clothing designs

What I fear

Heights (Yet i want to go skydiving), letting myself down

Favorite quote

“Life is all about perspective, How you see it is how you will move through it” - Donavon Ellison

How I eat fries

Crinkle cut the best cut! Ketchup isnt mandatory for fries if they are seasoned well enough but when there is ketchup it goes on the fries

Sun, moon and rising signs

Taurus sun, Virgo moon, Leo rising