Tech Operations (Tech Ops)

The Tech Ops team helps implement, build, integrate, upgrade, and maintain all of our internal applications Tech Ops empowers the rest of the business to reach their goals by owning the systems that they rely on every day. Additionally, Tech Ops protects, manages, troubleshoots, and procures Sourcegraph teammates’ devices. Providing protective measures to secure our machines proactively protects our teammates privacy and Sourcegraph and our client’s data.

Tech Ops is excited to announce that we will also be adding a compliance function to the team soon.

Our Team


We are hiring for positions in Tech Ops! See our careers page to see all roles.


  • Streamline Sourcegraph’s internal system architecture. This includes the procurement, consolidation, implementation, and management of all internal software (Systems List)
  • Provide global support for all team members who need assistance with hardware and application support
  • Keep Sourcegraph’s internal systems secure and compliant with legal requirements while maintaining transparency

How we intend to get there

  • Proactively identify projects and initiatives that will make Sourcegraph more scalable, streamlined, and collaborative
  • Partner with teams across the organization to support internal projects with technical support
  • Create a robust IT support team that can manage global response and ensure the security of our software
  • Maintain a comprehensive systems architecture and asset register