Application Access Request

Outside of what was provisioned for you at onboarding, Tech Ops tracks all ad-hoc application requests and permission changes. We use Jira Service Desk as our ticketing system. Leveraging a built-in Slack integration we are able to keep all requests and approvals in Slack.

All application requests, whether or not Tech Ops administers the access, should be posted in the #ask-it-tech-ops channel. Please redirect all requests to this channel.

  • Requester: Teammate requesting access to an application
  • Manager: Manager should be notified of all requests for visibility. If an application isn’t needed for the role, then the manager can respond to the thread and Tech Ops can cancel the request. Additionally, if this is a common request, the manager can work with Tech Ops to automate access as part of the role.
  • System Owner: Often Tech Ops is not the owner of an application and the system owner will need to approve access with a response to the thread and, if applicable, make a note that the license was provisioned for the user and with what role/group/access level they were provided.

The workflow:

  1. Requesters: Create a post in the #ask-it-tech-ops channel with your application request.
    Please follow this template, so it integrates with our ticketing system:
  • Name of application:
  • Business reason:
  • Manager’s Name: @
  1. Tech Ops adds the :ticket: emoji to the ticket to auto-create a Jira request.
  2. System owner: respond to the request with the below information
    1. Approved or not-approved, if not approved - why
    2. If applicable, the license type, role, group, etc. that was assigned by the system owner
  3. Tech Ops: will also add comments to the thread regarding access given and license information, if applicable
  4. Once the request is complete, Tech Ops will add the :complete: emoji to close the request in Jira

All of this information will sync back into the Jira request for auditing purposes.

At this point in time, we are only tracking access requests through the Tech Ops Support Jira Project. All other request will still happen in the #ask-it-tech-ops channel as they have been. If you have any questions, please let Tech Ops know. One question that may come up is “Will all requests eventually move to this method?” - Yes, at some point, but we plan to integrate it into Slack as much as possible before then so we can retain as much of the original method everyone is used to as we can.