Computer buyback program

Sourcegraph teammates have the opportunity to purchase their previously used device after they have gone through a device upgrade. The entire buyback process, including a full wipe, should be completed within two weeks of receiving a new device.

Tech Ops will source the current trade-in or fair market value of the device and offer a 50/50 purchase price to keep the device as a personal device (please no haggling). Tech Ops will then work with the teammate to finalize payment and perform a factory reset on the device through our endpoint security software. For legal reasons, resets must be performed by Tech Ops and be full factory reset.

Steps for processing a purchase:

  1. Submit a buyback request form
  2. Tech Ops will inform you of the total cost and your portion
  3. Submit payment (via check or Paypal)
  4. Sign a document accepting ownership of the device ‘as-is’
  5. Schedule a time with Tech Ops to perform the device wipe