Travel Tips

As an all-remote company, we are encouraged to take advantage of working from anywhere. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when on the road.

Device security

Before you go:

  • Make sure you check and install any software updates on your laptop before you leave a secure and fast network connection, as sometimes these can take a while
  • Increase the password complexity on all your devices
  • Change your laptop screen lock time from 5 Minutes (Sourcegraph standards) to 1 or 2 minutes
  • Erase anything private/sensitive on your hard drive and save everything to Google drive instead
  • Review our computer requirements to make sure standards and Jamf are in place
  • Presenting? Demoing at an event? Contact Tech Ops for a loaner to bring along - avoid using your own laptop for presentations/demos/etc. if there is a possibilty someone else might access it
  • Consider using 1Password Travel Mode to remove Sourcegraph password vaults from your device when traveling through security checkpoints

While traveling:

  • Never leave your devices unattended in public
  • Use the safe in your hotel room to store your laptop
  • If viewing sensitive information in public, use a privacy screen filter on your laptop screen
  • Avoid public WiFi networks, and use a VPN if you must connect to one

Network troubleshooting

Having network connection issues (eg. WiFi not working)?

  • Try another location and/or device
  • Restart your computer, try connecting again
  • If you cannot connect after a restart, please reach out to the Tech Ops team in the #ask-it-tech-ops channel via Slack on your phone or email to Please include as much detail as you can (screenshots, error codes, where you are, how you are connecting, etc.)